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    Topton 4-port 2.5G and 2-port 10G 10th Gen Core Units and 8-port 2.5G

    These have PCIe 3.0 x16 lanes, not x9. That's the whole point of using the Core's.
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    15.34TB PCIe Gen4 NVMe SSDs $1K?

    I know we've normally got used deals, but hear me out: NEW Micron PRO 7450 15.36TB for $1170 with quantity discount: Micron PRO 7450 PRO 15.36 TB Solid State Drive - 2.5" Internal - U.3 [PCI 649528926265 | eBay NEW Solidigm D5-P5430 for $1012: SOLIDIGM D5-P5430 15.36 TB - 2.5 Internal - U.2...
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    120V PSU Question

    Thanks! That is what I thought!
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    120V PSU Question

    I have a HPE ProLaint with one of those 200V-240V PSUs so I know I can’t use them on 120V power. My question is, if I get the 100V-240V PSUs instead can put them in, will that work? It only matters that the input side is rated for 120V and then it’ll work, no?
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    Teradici in 2022

    I know HP bought Teradici and made PCoIP more of a software thing rather than requiring a hardware card. Is it still worth using for remote desktops these days? I don't think the old hardware cards can do 4k60
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    Inside the 8TB Intel DC P4500 Ruler SSD and Why it is NOT E1.L

    I thought they're all called ruler. Good to know.
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    18TB HGST Ultrastar 550 $348

    Thanks! Sounds like you're saying they're safe for servers then.
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    18TB HGST Ultrastar 550 $348

    Are these good drives that can actually be run 24x7 in servers, or are they SMR consumer drives? Or like the old WD Greens that'd die after a few months in a NAS?
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    Sabrent NT-SS5G Review USB to 5GbE NIC

    I usually tag at the switch port so I haven't seen the vlan thing. I've seen consistent 3.2-3.5gbps from this using it as the iperf3 client and server. That's what I saw STH publish. I'm just using the marvell driver not the sabrent one.
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    Pat Gelsinger exiting VMware to take on CEO role at Intel

    That's a great point Nutanix and Intel got new CEOs. Maybe they're jumping ship at VMware.
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    Amazon 55in LG OLED TV $1397
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    Amazon 55in LG OLED TV $1397

    Seems like this has good reviews, does anyone have one? FreeSync and 120Hz and OLED! LLG OLED55CXPUA Alexa Built-in CX 55" 4K Smart OLED TV
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    Prime Day Rack Shelf $20

    Yea this isn't the biggest discount, but these are handy and new for $20 isn't bad
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    Project TinyMiniMicro: Reviving Small Corporate Desktops

    Is that really a thing? You've got to hand it to VMware to cuk up some super standard like NVMe and make some devices not work. That's crazy.
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    Lenovo ThinkSystem SR665 and SR645 Sport Dual AMD EPYC

    That new Twitter embed is slick. I've been away from the forums for awhile but I don't remember that.
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    Lenovo ThinkSystem SR665 and SR645 Sport Dual AMD EPYC

    If you don't follow @Patrick on Twitter you might have missed this gem today related to this article That's hilarious that Lenovo didn't think to check the BRoll and see that those aren't their servers.
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    NextCloud Users Need Quick Help

    Thanks! I missed a permission in settings which meant I didn't see the link.
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    NextCloud Users Need Quick Help

    I've tried googling this already but I must be searching for the wrong things. I'm trying to get functionality like Google Drive and others where I make a direct link that people can use to access a file I uploaded. There's a direct link, but it says it is only for authorized users. I want to...
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    HPE Support Question How Do I Register?

    Oh man... that sucked. I figured out why...
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    HPE Support Question How Do I Register?

    I bought a HPE server from an authorized reseller (provantage) The server works great, and it comes with a 3 yr warranty. How do I register the server with HPE and get firmware updates? I tried using their support site and I can't find how to do this. I've spent 2 hours on what I've thought is...