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    8+ Drive mATX Desktop NAS Chassis'

    In my 804 I use a pair of SilverStone CP06 SATA power cables to connect 8 drives. They have a pretty small gap between connectors and fit very nicely.
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    List of components

    I built my NAS in the Node 804, and you should be aware that for the two removable four-drive HDD cages, the drives are attached using the screw holes at the top and near the middle of the drive, but large capacity Seagate drives have no middle screw points. This means they would just be hanging...
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    Tutorial: Updating IBM M1015/LSI 9211-8i Firmware on UEFI Systems

    Thanks for the new guide; just got an M1015 but I always forget the steps for this. I notice the Broadcom (formerly Avago formerly LSI) website no longer has the 9211-8i in the product list (OP's link now goes there), but I believe the 9210-8i is pretty similar (SAS2008-based) so should its...
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    Can anyone help cool my drives in Fractal Node 804? All drives 40+ C

    Just to clarify my setup I have two fans cooling the 8 hard drives in the storage compartment of the case, both Fractal Design Silent Series R2 (intake is 120mm, 1200RPM in the upper position and exhaust is 140mm, 1000RPM at the back) connected to the motherboard fan headers of a Supermicro...
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    Can anyone help cool my drives in Fractal Node 804? All drives 40+ C

    What kind of drives are you using? Those temps are really high! I have the same case loaded up with all 8 in that side of the case (6x 2TB, 2x4TB WD Green, so low power) and three stock Fractal fans running at about full speed. Here are my numbers for drive temp (the blocks of 4) and fan speed...
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    Server build help

    You're quite right, I'd forgotten it's the Nvidia drivers themselves that refuse to work on a system they detect to be virtualised. KVM can fake being not-virtual so they'll actually install. Wish VMware had the same workaround. Things to note about that case, it's set up for Intel's own...
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    Server build help

    In terms of hardware compatibility, yes it will, but keep in mind that VMware tries to block consumer GeForce cards from working properly with passthrough. If you're using something KVM-based for your virtualization I believe it should be fine.
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    Server build help

    What I and many others used for the Natex combo is the Intel P4000M series. While the selection isn't quite what it was in the spring, you can still find several chassis variants on eBay for very low prices from a seller called OEM XS (INTEL, SERVER ACCESSORIES items in OEMXS store on eBay!)...
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    Canada Refurb Samsung Data Center SV843 960GB $230 (

    It's not quite as tempting as the Intel drives being sold off NewEgg in the US, but since they refuse to accept international payments this might be a good deal for us Canadians: SAMSUNG Data Center Series SV843 2.5" 960GB SATA III V1 MLC VNAND Enterprise Solid State Drive No mention of...
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    SuperMicro PWS-203-1H - Low Noise 1U Power Supply?

    Somewhat related: I've got a CSE-512L-200B which was a good price but it has the PWS-202-1H and it's AWFUL - really noisy, and a super annoying pitch too. I'd like to replace it with a PWS-203-1H, but on their own they cost almost as much as a 504 case with one included. Also, the power specs...
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    Seagate Backup Plus 4TB Drive - Cheap 2.5" 4TB drives

    Amazon has them for $99.99 at the moment - click the other colours, looks like the basic black one is sold out. Just picked up two of them.
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    Intel S2600CP/P4000, 2 servers

    I built pretty much the exact same thing on Saturday, except I got the case with the dual 750W power supplies. I was pleasantly surprised with how easy it was, everything I needed was included and the update utility was nice and straightforward. Reaching some motherboard ports near the edges was...
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    Upgrading Windows Home Server

    Essentials is definitely the next step if you've liked WHS; I went from v1 to WHS2011 to Server 2012 and it works just as easily as ever for sharing and client backup. Your plan definitely looks like overkill though; my server runs R2 Essentials on an X10SLL-F with nothing but a Pentium G3420...
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    First server build. Need suggestions on chosen hardware.

    I definitely found it tricky to buy Supermicro stuff as a regular consumer in Canada, but it was definitely worth it. Their sales are almost entirely B2B and large accounts, so you are expected to have a sales rep you can call with any questions. That said, they list their local distributors...
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    Upgrading NAS to Xeon, thoughts?

    First time I built a system using a board with IPMI (X10SLL-F) I spent the first 2 days wondering how I ever lived without it. Just being able to boot, configure and install everything over the network was so easy, and the internal event log of the BMC was a life saver when the system crashed...
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    First server build. Need suggestions on chosen hardware.

    Just to give you my hardware experience, I built my NAS in the Node 804 using a Supermicro X10SLL-F uATX board and I think it's a perfect match. CPU for now is a Haswell Pentium (they still have ECC support) while I decide if I want to go to a Xeon E3 with vT-D, which would be a drop-in...