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    ZFS performance host vs VM

    Qemu schedules the io of the disks with the main thread and therefore lands in a queue handled by the cpu. I had the same results testing with Intel Optane and ram disks on older cpu's, at a certain point you'll be cpu bound. What cpu are you using? Also keep in mind you're using consumer...
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    EU WTS Sell thread (HPE / intel / ram / drives)

    Bought from this seller outside of these forums, can confirm seller is trustworthy!
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    New amd64 home Server - Best programs/apps?

    There are a few threads on reddit / github with lists of apps you can host yourself. Some media related of course, but also a bunch of nice-to-have apps for your home network. I recommend scrolling through this github repo:
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    EU SOLD [FS](NL) Mini homelab - 3 node vsan/ceph cluster in a shoebox with 192gb ram 12 ssd's.

    Great little home-lab for small apartment and low power usage. The system is whisper quiet with just slight hum coming from the Big Noctua fan when the system is powered on. Unfortunately don't have the time for homelabbing anymore so I'm hoping I can give this amazing little machine another...
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    Unable to get Supermicro X10SRH-CF mobo to power on/post properly

    I've had instances before where I was able to access IPMI but the system just wouldn't power up. In some cases I wasn't getting any error messages while trying to power up the system, it simply wouldn't do anything. Pressing the powerbutton wasn't giving any response either. These got solved...
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    Ceph-in-a-box (another take on Mini Cluster in a Box) WIP

    So I had to follow this up. though it's still not completely done, there have been a bunch of improvements. To start off with this one I created a simple script on an arduino to spin the 140mm fan when one or more servers are turned on. After testing out everything on the breadboard I created...
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    Hardware Failures in 2020 - Post yours!

    To follow up on this topic, we had two more of these motherboards last month fail and decided it was enough. After contacting Supermicro they stated with the following: It seems to affect both X11DPI-N and X11DPI-NT before July 2018. For reference: The motherboard IPMI will power up and...
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    Ceph-in-a-box (another take on Mini Cluster in a Box) WIP

    Hi guys, I'm working on a little project and though you guys might find it interesting. Not sure if this is the right place but it seemed to be the most fitting in "DIY Server and Workstation Builds". The idea of this project is to quiet down my ceph home lab and create a almost all-in-one...
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    EU [SOLD] nas with 8x8tb, SM a2sdi-h-tf, 64gb ram intel s3500 (or parts)

    Sold on Dutch forum, thank you guys for the comments.
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    EU [SOLD] nas with 8x8tb, SM a2sdi-h-tf, 64gb ram intel s3500 (or parts)

    I recently switched over to a new home server and have no use for this amazing machine anymore. I'm willing to sell parts if there is more interest in the system that way. Parts list: - Silverstone DS380 - Supermicro a2sdi-h-tf, Atom C3758 2x 10Gb ethernet, 12x sata (Complete with box) - 4x...
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    Blade Server with Cheap SSD?

    Unless it's doing some HA voodoo where two nodes can access the same disk (which is SAS dual port only) it should be recognized like any other ssd. The thing with these cheap ssd's is that they cannot handle the workload typically seen in servers. My experience with using "cheap" ssd's like...
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    Proxmox VM - ZFS replication size

    - 360G - Xeon Silver, Supermicro MB and LSI HBA with 6x Samsung pm883 - RaidZ2 - 15m Not that big but wanted to share it anyways. Replicating a whole bunch of those vm's without network/disk issues.
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    Are AMD B450/B550 chipsets good for Proxmox/Qemu-kvm?

    Proxmox is using a kernel based on the kernel used by Ubuntu so it should be a bit ahead of Debian. I've seen loads of Ryzen based Proxmox hosts (in home environments) and stability has improved a lot since first gen Ryzen (and with that early versions of software support).
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    All my data gone on OMV ZFS NAS///HELP!

    Could you check the output of these commands: df -h zfs get written ls -alh / Maybe there's a wrong mount/snapshot/symlink that is causing this issue.
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    Trouble booting Proxmox on fresh install

    Nice! Good to hear everything worked out. Did you try installing on a dodgy hard drive?
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    Trouble booting Proxmox on fresh install

    Just to follow up on that, Proxmox is indeed based on Debian but uses a modified kernel based on the Ubuntu kernel. Have you tried browsing the file system using the live cd to see if the files are actually there?
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    Project TinyMiniMicro: Reviving Small Corporate Desktops

    Just came across this thread, just wanted to say that I think these mini desktop pc's are really useful for a lab or small docker/vm hosts. I've been running an HP prodesk 400 g2 mini with an i5 6500t, 32gb memory & 256gb + 1tb ssd for a few months as a docker host and it works great. It has...
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    der8auer combines a NUC 9 Compute Unit with a normal ATX motherboard

    I'm guessing kapton tape, normally used for masking off parts that shouldn't be heated as much while soldering. edit: Good to note is that this tape both heat and electrically isolating which makes it good for this usage.
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    Can this be done? Think I can do it?

    Great! Let me know how it works out for you. You should be able to mount cephfs in your lxc containers but you'll have to enable fuse/nesting in the options tab for the container.