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    Weird issues with Supermicro X12 motherboard

    Did you enable all the low power states in bios?
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    2.5GbE on Supermicro X10SDV 10GbE ports

    Actually, the MAC is listed as multigig. But the PHY is only listed as 1/10
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    What is this Micron drive?

    That looks like an obvious fake.
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    N305 has a configurable TDP that can be changed from 15W to 9W. Any idea how?

    Yeah, lol. OP is one of those people that wants you to do everything, without even a thank you at the end.
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    Help to setup opnsense for ATT static IP block

    And you assigning those IP addresses to the WAN interface? You either need to NAT them, or distribute them internally to another router. ATT assigns private IPs using the DHCP IP as a transit address.
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    Machine Check Exception (mce) workaround

    Can you not just disable the core in BIOS?
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    CPU & Mainboard for high power opnsense router

    Aren't VyOS and OpenWRT also fully open source.
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    New Micron 7400 PRO 7.68TB NVMe U.3 (7mm) Non-SED Enterprise SSD - $349

    I think its only an issue if it's used as a scam. Like the optane bundle with people trying to push them as a good deal, or the 480GB PNY SSD a few years back.
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    New Micron 7400 PRO 7.68TB NVMe U.3 (7mm) Non-SED Enterprise SSD - $349

    Could just have a patreon thing. But I'm not sure the forums are active enough for that.
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    Intel i350 PCIe Bandwidth

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    New X10sdv TLN4F (Rev 2.00). 8 core - 1541. For $369 - 2 available

    They have a 10 year lifecycle, plus they dont really have replacements. If you want something low power with decent IO, no other platform offers it. Alder Lake-N is similar power level, but doesn't have nearly the same IO.
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    $127 Cisco ENCS5412/K9 Xeon-D 1557 (12 core), 32G ram

    Almost bought one of these, then i realized it was a doorstop and managed to cancel. Don't understand why it would have 1G instead of 10G.
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    Dell VEP/VMWare Edge/Velo Cloud SD-WAN/VeraCloud VEP1400/VEP1400-X firewall units

    I know it's technically a different model, but anyone know what CPU thr 840 uses? Hoping it's also denverton.
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    Anyone know what SoC the VMware SD-Wan Edge 840 uses?

    I was originally hoping it was the C3958, which would make it a cheap whitebox supermicro edge networking device, the performance seems to be similar to the 680. But after some digging I found a document stating availability of august 2016, while Denverton did not launch until 2017. So it...
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    How do I buy drives?

    Why not use 5TB drives, you probably don't need SSD speeds anyway.
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    Windows Server 2022/Windows 11 did away with processor grouping

    It still uses processor groups, the change is that programs will use all threads by default.
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    The Latest N100&I3-N305 NAS BOARD

    The 14nm 300 series chipsets are only 6w, same with z690