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    Broadcom 9400 - Can't get it to see NVMe drives on a backplane

    thanks. I'm working with an X11 board that doesn't have bifurcation and needed this. Thanks.
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    Broadcom 9400 - Can't get it to see NVMe drives on a backplane

    Does the AOC-SLG3-2E4 need the special SMC cables? or will any miniSAS 8643-8643 work
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    Broadcom 9400 - Can't get it to see NVMe drives on a backplane

    Sorry to revive this thread, but what cable did you use to connect the NVMe switch to the backplane? @mattventura
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    H3C servers.....???

    HP no longer owns any stake in H3C.
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    [CN] Seeed studio reServer 4C/8T for $274.50

    in for one, seems like a solid mini server.
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    Where are the DDR5 ECC UDIMMs?

    64/80 bits indicate presence of ECC.
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    EPYCD8 "reset" multiple time after frozen.

    Just to clarify, MemTest86 as in the proprietary version. The open-source Memtest86+ doesn't have EDAC support yet.
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    DDR5 ECC EC4 vs EC8

    I just read about that there are two kinds of DDR5 ECC DIMMs, x72 (EC4) and x80 (EC8) modules. It seems like most RDIMM modules are EC8, while most UDIMMs are EC4. However, it seems that actual documentation on the differences between EC4 and EC8 can be hard to come by. Would anyone here be...
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    AMD EPYC 7302p+ Supermicro H11SSL-i version 2

    Chassis ( Optimized for H12SSL-i ) 1U SC813MFTQC-350CB2 SC813MFTQC-R407CB 2U SC213BAC8-R1K23LPB SC216BE1C4-R1K23LPB SC825MBTQC-R802LPB SC825TQC-R802LPB SC826BE1C4-R1K23LPB SCLA26AC12-R920LP1
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    Toshiba MG09 - how to upgrade the firmware

    I was able to find retail firmware for MG07 and MG08, but not MG09 :(
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    Toshiba MG09 - how to upgrade the firmware

    Also I think the drive will probably reject the Lenovo firmware as they were running the retail firmware.
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    Toshiba MG09 - how to upgrade the firmware

    HDD firmware updates typically will not erase the data. All my WD and Seagate firmware updates went fine with no hiccups. However, it's always a good idea to keep backups handy. WD also doesn't release firmware for their hard drives, and you'd need to ask them to provide the firmware for you...
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    Toshiba MG09 - how to upgrade the firmware

    I extracted the firmware for MG09ACA18TE from Lenovo's archive here: Lenovo Storage Linux Firmware - Lenovo Support US Per this thread mg08 联想东芝超简单升级固件(估计其他牌子其它型号也行) - 电脑讨论(新) - Chiphell - 分享与交流用户体验 the...
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    Need help with POST Codes

    It should work but there has been some discussion about EPYC processors having poor support for LRDIMM. try 4 of these Micron 32GB 2Rx4 PC4-2666V RDIMM DDR4-21300 ECC REG Registered Server Memory RAM | eBay
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    Reboot not working on ASUS ESC4000-E10 (Z12PG-D16)

    We've been having some issues with rebooting on the ASUS ESC4000-E10 server with the Z12PG-D16 motherboard. If you issue a reboot/ctrl+alt+del/`shutdown -r` in the OS (Debian 11) the server just shuts down without rebooting. I tried booting from an Arch live CD and got the same results. I also...
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    [FS] [US-OH] Toshiba "MG06SCA800A" 8TB SAS 12 Gbps 3.5" HDDs

    Which series are the Exos 10TB drives? X10? X12? etc.
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    512 GB Intel Optane DDR4-2666 RDIMM PMEM NMA1XBD512GQS

    Is PMem 100 series compatible with Ice Lake-SP? Seems like no, just wanted to make sure
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    SM H12 New BIOS and IPMI Released

    ASRock Rack has it