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    Quanta LB4M - Trunk Port

    I have not been able to find an accurate guide after searching various posts and using various firmwares stated on this forum. I think dvlan is causing me some issues. Does anyone have a working trunk configuration with this switch that uses the 10GB uplinks to trunk VLAN's to another switch...
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    Any other vendors of JBOD chassis like supermicro?

    I didn't even know they made >2TB 2.5" drives. How much were you able to pick those up for? Amazon is showing 160$ which is a little bit high.
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    Quanta LB6M (10GbE) -- Discussion

    I am having a hard time getting this thing to communicate over serial or work at all. I think I may have bought a dud.... I am trying 9600 8N1 with No hardware or software flow control, but I never get anything other then a "8". I have tried various baud rates and will sometimes get a "P" or...