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    2.5G Quad NIC for cheap! This caught my eye. No doubt it'll require bifurcation? Which means it probably can only run on newer hardware? It's probably not going to run on a refurbished 6th gen Dell or whatever?
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    Cool N5905 NAS motherboard with 12 SATA The only thing I don't like is no 2.5G LAN, and it's not easy to add via akward risers without losing the NVMe slot.
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    What CPU for LOW power ceph cluster

    Hey guys! I want to build a low power ceph cluster! Rejected Xeon "X79" LGA2011 etc I've considered getting some old Xeon LGA2011 or whatever servers from AliExpress which would make cost low, ECC RAM abundant and IO aplenty. But they'll probably idle at at least 60W each for just the...