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    Build advice - virtualization server

    I would love to see more of your build inside this chassis. How many drivers are you planning to use in your build, and what will your idle power consumption be like? I also have a setup that is being used for similar functionality, with hard drives stuffed in it, and I'm thinking about...
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    Brocade ICX Series (cheap & powerful 10gbE/40gbE switching)

    @PANiCnz I have an 7250-48p, but I have an qsfptek sfp+ for ubiquiti. Usb type c to 2.5gbe from pc to sfp+ shows up connected. Also shows up on the 7150-c12p as a quick test. Not sure on how the performances just plug and play.
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    Tiered storage configuration

    Hi, I'm interested in how is this turning out to be for you? Have you looked into the powershell script for setting up a tiering yet? Will you be moving onto server 2022? I just made an tier pool with just 4 ssd and 4 hdd. Create a parity spaces with 20 gb writeback cache. Then create one...
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    NVME Micron 11TB 9200 Series ECO

    This site introduced me to es cpus about 15 years ago? It was about the risk to reward experience for me. And everything on this site has an high risk to reward ratio.. But knowing the pros and cons to what you are purchasing to implement in your scenario is the key. Those same questions and...
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    NVME Micron 11TB 9200 Series ECO

    Its most likely due to over provision going on here 16pb. I took an quick look at the max version and it looks like if you over provision this eco version to 60% It would become a max version in possibly theory which has 34pb. That can be another way to use it. My vision was a Low power sff...
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    NVME Micron 11TB 9200 Series ECO

    After buying all of this intel 2tb he had listed including some he did not list yet, mentioned that he will be adding more drives for sale that was micron 11tb for the same price as the other seller 575$. I didn't put in a offer. Was kinda giving out a hints to give someone a chance to put in a...
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    NVME Micron 11TB 9200 Series ECO

    This seller is has a low seller rates 8 but I took advantage of the best offer and I'm happy with the purchases, they arrived now my kids pc have storage for all his 100gb games.
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    NVME Micron 11TB 9200 Series ECO Sorry this one. He made me great deals for me. And as Easyrhino pointed out an offer for 575$ shipped coming out to 52$ per tb or...
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    NVME Micron 11TB 9200 Series ECO

    I have bought a several 2tb from this seller with best offers. Would have bought some of these instead if they were selling it before I made my order. Not affiliated with the seller just passing on the deal. Use best offer for a cheap 11tb drive only 3 left in stock. And 2 2tb just added last...
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    Options using ssd drives vs one optane 900p.

    I already have an pool of spinners with 12 2tb drives and one optane 900p on windows 2019. I have 1 free pcie lane left and a work colleague has offered me 8 intel dc s3700 400gb, or for the same price a 900p. These drives are hpe vendor and we have no way of updating them to the newest firmware...
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    Ruckus R610 Great deal 3x3 radio 802.11ac Wave 2 $99 each .

    Thanks for the response, I will try the one listed on the first page of this thread for a poe injector. I figured if the r610 was a good deal for $99, a r720 for $200 would be a steal. After an email with the seller posted on the top of the thread, they had no issues with my offer and quickly...
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    Ruckus R610 Great deal 3x3 radio 802.11ac Wave 2 $99 each .

    I'm looking to upgrade my Google wifi mesh / extenders. They work great for the price. After looking at these threads and considering this deal, I begin searching around for the best deal possible on the eBay and landed on a r720. This should cover my whole house with no signal losses? I...
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    connectx2 2.10.720 firmware

    Anyone have an file that I could download? I couldn't extract the file from the driver and can't find it. My card is a MHQH29B XTR with MT0D80120009 ini file. I tried some bin file by teejay (thank you for upload) and accidentally changed my psid thinking it would still take. I am concerned that...
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    Server 2012 R2, Storage Spaces and Tiering

    Could you run an iperf test? I would like to see single thread and maybe a four thread run? I'm curious as that is what I have been using and looking to compare my results with yours. I use something like iperf -c -fg -P 4 -t 60. I tried on windows 7, 8, and 2012 OS so far. I also...
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    Mellanox Infiniband (QDR) HBA

    Found a great deal seller is Mellanox Infiniband QDR and a 3m cable $150 or best offer.. I tried $115 and accepted it. For those looking for a deal. Also found a guy today selling IBM m1015 for $50 with no brackets...
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    basic 10gb setup for two PC's

    So just to post a quick benchmark. I have gathered a lot using different windows OS's just don't have the time to sort through all of them. Server 2012 for these. Will update client pc with more memory. If I can figure out how to take a screenshot of desktop I can post more different tests I...
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    Fill your Intel Xeon LGA1366 Cloud Inexpensively Thread

    I was bored and had this chip sitting for 2weeks now. Something told me to try it out instead of waiting for my ecc memory to ship. I can confirm that this chip do work on my motherboard UD3R X58. And using same 24gb of memory. So tempted to buy a few cheap motherboard on Craigslist now...
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    Asus P6T7 WS ecc memory advice

    I just purchase an p6t7 ws motherboard and l 5639 xeon processor. Now I'm stuck looking for compatible ecc memory. I'm looking for 24 gb of ecc and triple channel or dual channel? So my question is what kind of memory should I buy? There is a few choices and have not purchased ecc memory...