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    EU [DE] 2x EPYC 7402P + 512GB RAM + 6x 3.84TB NVMe, 3x storage servers w/ 12x 18 TB HDD, 25G switches & more

    Hi all, We are restructuring and have a lot of stuff to sell for a competitive price. Those items are all located in Frankfurt, Germany within a datacenter facility. The easiest for us would be a local pickup, but we are also willing to ship within Germany. Most of those items come with local...
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    Dual E5-2670 build w/ 16 DIMMs - what motherboard these days?

    I am currently also planning to build a dual E5-2670 server. I want dual 10GbE so I found the Supermicro X9DRW-ITPF+. Anyone has experience with that board? They are really cheap so I am wondering what the downside is with them?
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    Intel Xeon D-1500 Series Discussion

    Basically. I am currently running several webservers and vms with a BSD ZFS based SAN with shitty slow HDDs but since they have enough breathing room (RAM wise) they are blazing fast since everything is RAM+SSD cached. I am hoping to achieve the same with that streaming machine, imagine hundreds...
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    Intel Xeon D-1500 Series Discussion

    Hey Guys, I am looking for a server which is able to push 10g. The server will be used for media (live/video) streaming (not local, but over the internet) and my plan was to have 4x 4TB HDDs with 2x SSDs as cache so that I can serve videos and livestreaming files from the HDDs which are cached...
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    4 Mini ITX Boards in 1U Chassi?

    Hi there, are there any 1U Chassies which can hold 4 Mini ITX Boards? I'd like to build a high density cloud with C2750 SoCs. Thanks for any suggestions!