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    Brocade ICX Series (cheap & powerful 10gbE/40gbE switching)

    EDIT: That was an adventure. Received two switches from a site update. The 6450-48p updated without an issue and works fantastically. The 7150-48 on the other hand had all kinds of odd issues. The update kept appeared to work, but it would still boot to the old fimware, reload command would...
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    Celestica Seastone DX010 32Port 100G QSFP28 $250

    Honestly, the seller relisting the same quantity after selling all the original batch so quickly was a bit of a warning to me. I half typed a response wondering if anyone who had purchased from the original quantity had their order cancelled, but decided to wait. For everyone involved, I hope...
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    $70 Dual LAN Mini PC w/ i3-1115G4, 8GB, internal PSU

    Wouldn't it stand to reason this is a used product with a CPU SKU that came out in 2020, closing in on four years ago, and is used for digital signage a market space known for legacy components...?
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    EXPIRED Dell Precision R3930 w/RTX A2000 6GB for $679.99
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    Wholesaler for used servers?

    They don't have any obligation, it's simply not a common business practice. Does listing a for sale thread and then not responding to people interested in purchasing the items sound counterproductive? I feel you're missing the entire purpose of this thread. OP is looking to move this inventory...
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    Wholesaler for used servers?

    OP has either completed their request or doesn't seem to be responding to PM's requesting an inventory of the items.
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    $70 Dual LAN Mini PC w/ i3-1115G4, 8GB, internal PSU

    Good ole pawn shop fencing. The next cheapest listing for this same product is $129.99 OBO and they'll be happy to sell them for $69.99 because they gave some meth head who robbed an abandoned gas station $20 for all of them.
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    Supermicro LGA1150 motherboard $30

    A heat gun or hair dryer will take it off it about 2 minutes and you can use 115x OEM heatsinks or anything that uses standard 115x mounting hardware.
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    EXPIRED Intel octane 900P $50 in bulk

    These are all being dumped from resellers who purchased the 12900k and this SSD combo on Amazon a while ago. It appears the deal was extremely popular and the prices on these SSD's just haven't found a floor yet as people continue to dump them. That's why they're specifically the AIC and not the...
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    Dell VEP/VMWare Edge/Velo Cloud SD-WAN/VeraCloud VEP1400/VEP1400-X firewall units

    $27.99 OBO, US based seller.