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    S2D slow write (no parity & NVMe cache)

    I am and laways have been a Windblows guy, just throwingt he cat intot he pigeons here. Get rid of SS, MS sucks at storage options, end of story. Use a HW RAID card, buy a spare if needed and enjoy.
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    New harddrives for H700 (Dell R710)

    H700's work fine with big drives. You have already rulled out issue with other drives detecting. Put the 1015 back in and ensure its in HBA IT mode, nuke the drives (a few docos in and around here with 520n drive formats that need converting to the standard 512n) then enjoy. As for the H700...
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    10G Router options

    I should have written my post better. I don't use PF for my clients, see a few of my compitition doing so and fail miserably. I have/was using it in my own lab / DC as here in Aus, I have a faster connection than most of 100/100 (screaming hey.... NOT) Client side, most struggle to get 25-50Mbps...
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    Which is more powerful? Dual Xeon e5-2690v2 or i7-8700K

    Server Vs Desktop, easy, use the desktop for junk use / daily driver with desktop OS. Use a server for just that, A SERVER. Suggesting anything else suggests novices. Stop comparing chalk and cheese.
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    Supermicro SC836 wouldn't turn on - power distributor (?)

    They hate humid air. Blow the PSU's and backplane out completely with compressed air. Then use a hair-dryer on low heat to blow through the PSU's to warm them up. Keep your hand in the air stream before them (after the hair-dryer) to ensure the air is warm and not to hot. Once they are warm...
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    EMC KTN-STL3 15 bay chassis

    The chassis will suck about 50W without even a single drive in it. Drives are SAS and will draw about 7-9W each, adds up quickly. As for spin-down, these bad-boys are designed to hang off some pretty big enterprise servers, spin-down is not normal needed and if you have noticed, you may also...
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    10G Router options

    So, here is my little bit: After recently playing around again with pfSense, it was determined that it hasn't improved since I last used it. Now, I am not a network genius but I know enough to survive and get through my day while keeping my clients happy. Sadly, PF has the same issue as MicroTik...
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    Rocketraid needs to be retired, software or IBM/LSI replacement

    Any cheap LSI based RAID card will do nicely. Otherwise, if just media storage, StorageSpaces is an option, slow write speeds though.
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    EMC KTN-STL3 15 bay chassis

    The cables in question are SFF-8088, there is no difference between the double-O and the Diamonds physically. The circles are the uplink to the host, the diamonds are downlink to the next chassis if daisy-chaining. Take note what card you are connecting to as well, not all drives are dual-channel.
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    Ups with long backup time

    Nope, not a DOC units, they are Line-Interactive. I think you need to look at this more relistically. A load of only 1KW is quite low and just silly have 6KVA holding it. The use of a 2 or 3KVA UPS is much smarter and also works with plugs and leads. No need for hard-wiring. Battery capacity is...
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    Storage Spaces (Server2016) with lots of disks

    I use warm drives. A coupld that stay in the main server and I add when I find a failing drive. Then move to chassis after repaired. Nope, I have 3x 16-drive DAS chassis, all full of 3TB drives with movies and TV, no need to waste SSD's or the time to get tiering working. If I need that sort of...
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    Dell T630 not able to boot into winodws

    Your BIOS is not set correctly. Reset it, only change the boot order if required and let it boot. The C-states on the CPU along with other tweaking options play havock.
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    Server 2012 R2 in the year 2020

    2016 has some controls over doing updates but still has some Windows 10 bloat like bloody XBOX crap. 2019 has less update control and still the same Win10 shite. Both work fine otherwise, I personally run 2016 as I have keys for it and no need for 2019 and M$ antics with updates.
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    Only Domain Master Browser sees SMB shares in Windows Network folder

    Master Browser is very much still in/on Windows 10, it is makes a mess too like previous versions. Go to all machines, kill Master Browser, only have it on the DC. Make sure your DNS resolves the servers and their IP's. SMB 1.0 for older networked systems and/or other genders of OS's that are...
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    Storage Spaces (Server2016) with lots of disks

    Only just seen this. Was going to say, too late, already done and doing this. - Each array should be on same physical chassis, DO NOT SPAN OVER TO OTHER CHASSIS! You can keep some global Hot-Spares in another chassis, just mark them so easy to ID when you need to swap. - Double-Parity for...
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    SAMBA share via hostname not working in Windows 10

    SMB 1.0 on if you have mixed gender OS's around the network. Whats been missed above? Master Browser Windows 10 has it off in some cases but in many, its on. You need to set a machine that stays on as the Master Browser (Services > Master Browser - Turn it on to Auto) and visit all other...
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    Replacement for Windows Home Server 2011

    If you are using Windows and familar with it, just move forward to Server 2016 or 19.
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    upgrade for Blue Iris

    8-16 bay chassis, small system inside and allow for upgrades. Use a HW RAID card to keep I/O off the board and CPU. Server gear will provide better love than desktop.
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    Ups with long backup time

    Slow down here matey, you are now going into the big league. 6KVA is no little toy and you are about to be playing with very lethal voltage levels. The 1400-2000VA models usually supported 24VDC battery systems. The 3KVA units were around the 48VDC and the biggest you can use on a plug-n-lead...
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    1U dual-slot GPU build advice needed

    The case you linked with that board appears aimed at your needs and is not that old. Remember, GPU loads in servers still not hugely supported until recently. Yes, that is a pair of GPU 8-pin supply headers on the board.