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    W10: Storage Space Problem after Windows Update

    Annoyingly, getting the version info is a bit of a pain. Storage Spaces just lists the server "version" as a string: Get-StoragePool | fl FriendlyName,Version ReFS is nicer about giving you a real number: fsutil fsinfo refsinfo [drive letter] As for if what you're doing is futile, it might be...
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    W10: Storage Space Problem after Windows Update

    Definitely sounds like the ReFS version got upgraded. I had this happen when my old NAS wouldn't upgrade from one Windows version to the next, downgraded, but had already upgraded the ReFS volumes. If that's the case, then the "easiest" way forward is to try to get Windows to update cleanly...
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    Chelsio NIC breakdown

    After having stared at their product lineup for a long while before jumping in, here's what I learned: CR: Means it's a pcie card (as oppossed to an OCP one). LP: Low-Profile. They often will make a model, then do a low-profile version later. Performance is the same, just the form-factor is...