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    New home lab for testing a need help.

    I do not have experience with dda in hyper-v but it looks like pcie-passthrough in ESXi. My experience with this in ESXi is that the only thing that matters is not letting your VM know it's a VM. PCIe-passthrough is based on its 'location' in the tree and will almost always forward it to the VM...
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    Graphiccard for Server?

    I have been researching shared graphics in ESXi for some time now and i would recommend getting a grid K2. Do not get the K1 because that one has 4 'slower' chips while the K2 is basically a gtx 690 with different firmware. The only issue with these is that they are EoL and do not receive...
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    EU Dell R620 2x E5-2640 2,5GHz 6c / 64GB RAM / H710 €750

    ≥ Dell R620 2x E5-2640 2,5GHz 6c / 64GB RAM / H710 / 2x146gb - Servers - While looking for a new server i found these for sale, i haven't seen Dell e5-2600 servers this cheap in the netherlands. The prices for e5-2600V1/2 servers seem to drop quite fast these days and are coming...
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    storage for home esxi cluster

    I was also thinking of using starwind Vsan but doesn't that require a fast dedicated connection for the synchronization? i could also use the 2 10GBe ports for that, and use 2 1GBe ports in LACP for freenas.
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    storage for home esxi cluster

    Hey guys, i am in the midst of planning my next server upgrade and would like your opinion on it. For the Lan-Party on my school i had to make an esxi cluster (im in the organisation of the lan-party). this brought me on the idea to sell my current server gear and make myself an cluster at...
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    Awesome Deals on 10Gb NIC Cards, Switches and Servers

    Do you also ship internationally?
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    4 Mini ITX Boards in 1U Chassi?

    A dutch company called ECOServer used to make 4 in 1 server cases. This is the older model they also have an updated version of this that has a module inside it to turn the server on or off. I have one of these for over a year now and i can say that the build quality isn't that great...
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    2x8GB PC3L-10600R memory for 17 EUR incl intl shipping

    Has someone already receive his order? I cancelled the order a couple days ago.
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    Questions for expanding my network

    The connectx-2 won't work in the current version of freenas because freenas is still stuck on freebsd 9.x which doesn't have driver support for the mellanox cards. freebsd has included drivers for chelsio 10gbe cards. I recently bought one of these which worked instantly in my freenas box, and...