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    9 years out of the loop and wanting to plan a replacement ZFS server.

    A 14TB or 16TB drive (mirrored, obviously) would be adequate for the current storage and for the anticipated needs for the next 5 years. I think I may be able to cut down the storage such that 12TB would fit the bill but that’d be pushing it in terms of what time I have available to cull...
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    9 years out of the loop and wanting to plan a replacement ZFS server.

    Hello all. Been a couple of months over 9 years since I last logged in here! Life took me away from the server/IT management space but I'm still using the same server for home and business that I built back in 2014 - a Supermicro X10SRH-CLN4F with an E5-1650 and 64GB DDR4 RAM hooked up to 6...
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    SAS backplane wiring question

    You don't need a special 8087-8087 cable for hooking up a M1015 to any 8087 backplane I've seen - something like what you linked should work fine.
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    IBM ServeRAID M1015/LSI MegaRAID 9220-8i - Maximum HDD Size

    For Ubuntu Server it's gdisk, from memory, and in Windows you can do it via Disk Management.
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    LGA Insertion/Removal Tool -- No more bent pins?

    The money might be better put towards a dead (or super cheap but working) LGA775 or so board + matching CPU and some practice without any pressure! You should be able to find one quite easily.
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    IBM ServeRAID M1015/LSI MegaRAID 9220-8i - Maximum HDD Size

    We use M1015s in IT mode with 4TB drives without issue - the full available capacity is shown to the OS. One of the chaps who uses IR mode might be able to chip in when they see this, but I've never had issue with a SAS2008 chipset card (like the M1015/9201-8i) and drives above 2TB behaving...
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    Problem with flashing my M1505

    Which motherboard is it (or a photo would tell us which sort of slot it was)?
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    HOW to flashed the ASUS pike 2008 to IT modes?

    Hmm. We use a fair few PIKE cards but we always buy the IT-mode ones, not the IMR-ones so I've never had to look into whether it's possible to flash it. Worst case scenario, sell the IMR and buy the IT-mode one. The IMR one sells for more last I looked (and neither are super expensive) so you...
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    PSU for dual CPU

    One word of warning - we did try a couple of super-cheap eBay molex->EPS adapters a few months back and found that some of them don't have pins which are as firmly installed as one might like... meaning that after light tension was applied a few times the grounds fell out. Would not have been...
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    PSU for dual CPU

    I either use a Molex->EPS or repin one of the graphics outputs to an EPS end.
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    PSU for dual CPU

    We use Seasonic 400W Platinum fanless PSUs in the last couple of dual-socket G34 builds we have done. Excellent efficiency, not super expensive and ample headroom with two 6128 HEs+64GB reg RAM + misc add-in cards + SSDs for OS. If you want more headroom they have higher-wattage models - for...
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    Asrocks new C2750 & C2550 boards (12 SATA ports and IPMI).

    Would love to know pricing on these - really interesting boards! Seems like it is a good time to be playing with server gear, the next couple of years should be really interesting with more releases like these.
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    how much ram does zfs really need

    One of the local businesses runs ZFS on a system with 2GB RAM for 10TB of storage and it runs perfectly. His ARC is tiny but the array can easily saturate gigabit anyway, and given that he largely works with large files (raw photo and video) it doesn't make a noticeable difference for him.
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    LSI SAS2008 - no attached devices found

    This is probably something you've already looked at but are the cables known-working, and known to be not reverse breakout (e.g. have they worked elsewhere)? We have had a couple of episodes of being shipped reverse breakout when we ordered forward breakout, so I think it's worth checking if...
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    Low noise 1U chassis

    Does it have to be 1U? 2U isn't nearly as hard to make quiet.
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    Can't take failed disk offline - no such device in pool?

    Perhaps try exporting and importing the pool? If there's any chance of data loss if things go south, though, make a backup while everything's still running fine.
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    Asus Z8DPE-D18

    We use plenty of Asus workstation and server boards and I can't fault them.
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    H87 motherboard recommendations for new server

    Hmm. I'd probably try and spec a better power supply than that one - it's not even 80+ as far as I can see. For a 24/7 spending a little more for more efficiency can pay off (though you can obviously go overboard, which is probably better for the environment than your hip pocket!). Otherwise...
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    H87 motherboard recommendations for new server

    Exactly what services do you need running? How much PCI-E expansion might you need down the track? Some of the boards have quite a few onboard gigabit ports (e.g. four) - will you make use of more than two?