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  1. Tom5051

    Adaptec asr-71605 on Windows server 2022

    Got the 6805 working on server 2022. Install the latest driver for the 6805 and also maxview storage manager. installed ok, drives detected. Reboot the system and get device failed to start error. Found disabling and re-enabling the device in device manager fixed the issue and the drives are...
  2. Tom5051

    What kind of NIC goes on this Motherboard?

    usb nic out of the question?
  3. Tom5051

    10Gb networking question

    yes it will work as you expect. 10G between 10G devices and 1G to the internet
  4. Tom5051

    How to fit Intel disk cages into normal PC case?

    you can make anything fit with an angle grinder
  5. Tom5051

    Thoughts on Ubiquiti Enterprise XG 24 switch?

    they are good, not too noisy. Correct there is no onboard console, however you only need to run the unifi server when you want to make changes to the switch or log data. It will work perfectly fine without. Otherwise they have an edge version of most switches which has onboard console. Just not...
  6. Tom5051

    Multifunction raid card with network ?

    never seen nor heard of such a product.
  7. Tom5051

    My rack shakes/bends, is it dangerous?

    Your rack is definitely on the very flimsy side, I would not load the top up anymore because the uprights will twist and fail, bringing the whole thing down like Jenga. Looks like a Chinese version of a comms rack.
  8. Tom5051

    Consumer brand (trendnet/asus) vs used enterprise 10Gbe Nic for 10Gbe over cat5e?

    If you have a a thunderbolt 3 port available you could get either a Sonnet or a QNAP adapter. Both use the Aquantia chip (now owned by Marvell)
  9. Tom5051

    Adaptec asr-71605 on Windows server 2022

    Adaptec/Microsemi are reliably bad for supporting their older products. Likely you will have to upgrade to a newer raid controller if you want to run the new gen OS
  10. Tom5051

    10Gbase-T transceivers that support DDM (power/temperature) reporting?

    I can confirm the SFP-10GSR-85 model works with Intel and Ubiquiti gear. OM3 LC/LC runs up to 65m no problems here. Have not tested longer runs but whatever they are rated to they should do no problems.
  11. Tom5051

    Long duration UPS without completely breaking the bank

    I use an APC 1500 with 2x 100amp SLA batteries in series (24volts). I get about 1.5hrs out of it before low battery shutdown. Been using this setup for 15 years with no issue. If you don't want to cut holes in a brand new ups, I took the front off the ups and connected the external batteries...
  12. Tom5051

    Lights out management for workstation machines?

    If I was doing this and I didn't want to spend the $$ on server grade motherboards, I would get a KVM over IP device and if I wanted power and reset control, I would use an hobby grade micro controller board such as the ESP32 or an Arduino UNO with Ethernet, write a program to accept remote...
  13. Tom5051

    Lights out management for workstation machines?
  14. Tom5051

    Lights out management for workstation machines?
  15. Tom5051

    Dell PSU error lights?

    It means the power supply failed a self test and you make a service request via Dell
  16. Tom5051

    How do you determine which physical network port software is referring to?

    pull out a cable, which ever port goes down, that's the one.
  17. Tom5051

    Product Suggestion: Automotive Window Decal

    Find someone with a vinyl cutting machine and make a bunch of them or find an online shop that sells custom cut vinyl designs. e.g lunch box stickers.
  18. Tom5051

    Super high efficiency 300-400W PSU?

    Usually you can find the graph on the PSU manufacturer's website that will tell you how efficient the unit is depending on the load. Find one that is most efficient around the power you expect to use.
  19. Tom5051

    Two Intel NICs and neither are recognized

    Do you know 100% that these cards actually work?