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    The state of NVM (Optane): hype or not?

    Thanks for giving your perspective Patrick!
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    The state of NVM (Optane): hype or not?

    Today I read an interview at AnandTech where AMD's Forrest Norrod plays down the importance of NVM. He even goes as far as saying that the way Intel brought it to market was a big strategy mistake. I always believed that NVM is not going to fly. The performance is just too far away from what...
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    SSD for database server?

    A very large number of databases used in companies are just a few gigabytes big. When that is the case, it becomes very cheap to get the best disk, you could go for 3 small Optane SSDs in Raid1. Else, for sure a consumer grade SSD will be much faster than the best SAS spinning disk out there...
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    Spectre NG :(

    Spectre is a new class of attack, different angles on how to explore it to attack the CPU will be discovered, Spectre will not go away easily. One of the NG flaws is said to significantly improve previous exploitation methods allowing for very practical attacks. Security vulnerabilities are...
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    AMD EPYC Embedded 3000 series motherboards?

    Does anyone know already how price of Epyc 3000 compares to Xeon D 2100? And it puzzles me that SM still seems to have no plan for Epyc 3000... they must be afraid of getting Intel upset. I agree that AMD has a big channel problem, me I would love to buy mini PCs based on Ryzen Mobile to...
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    Qualcomm Centriq 2400 Officially Launched

    @Patrick I can't open the article, clicking on the link to it gives me "Bad Gateway" and blank page. All other articles are opening just fine.
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    Scalable Xeons: AMD sure scared Intel into pulling out the big guns

    For proprietary databases the benchmark will be interesting out of curiosity but of little practical value because noone believes AMD will have a chance vs. the frequency optimized parts from Intel. I think it is more interesting to see how the open source databases (MySQL and Postgres) and...
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    Scalable Xeons: AMD sure scared Intel into pulling out the big guns

    The DB benchmarks Anandtech ran are being heavily criticized, they could have favoured Intel's bigger caches. I do not think you can draw any conclusion about Epyc vs Xeon for database applications based on Anandtech's work. Hopefully STH will come up with a better comparison soon.
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    Suggestion for content: 10+GbE wiring

    Patrick, I know this request may sound dumb to you, but many corporate networks are still on GbE days. So I suggest you write about what it is like moving a network from gigabit ethernet (twisted pairs) to 10+ GbE (optic cables) for those of us who have not made the switch yet. When I...
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    HomeLab Hardware - Virtualization

    I always think that if you are willing to learn "server software", why not step-up the game and go with an enterprise-class server while saving some money? Really, find yourself a 4-6 years old server and have fun! They can cost less than a modern Intel i7 CPU, although shipping could be...
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    Ryzen Pro and ECC

    ECC is supported and reliable on Ryzen as long as you choose the right mobo. I think this has been demonstrated already. AsRock supports it on the entire line up, Asus says so as well. MSI as far as I know has no official word on ECC support so better avoid. Gigabyte only supports ECC on their...
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    Xeon Build or Pre-Built Budget Friendly Home Server for Virtualization

    If you live in the US, I would recommend you buy a used server. It is amazing how cheap used servers are in the US. If you really need the small form factor maybe get a used HP gen8 microserver (although it is not real server grade hardware) and upgrade it to Xeon if you really need it (or buy...
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    Where is Optane?

    Tom, you are way off here. Optane is a NVMe/PCIe storage device just like any SSD out there, but faster and with lower latency. It can be the main disk or whatever else one can do with a very fast NVMe/PCIe storage device (including - but not limited to - caching). And, by the way, it can be...
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    Where is Optane?

    Patrick, but can you find the P4800X available anywhere? The consumer SKUs I could find, not widely available but still quite easy to buy.
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    Where is Optane?

    If you are right, then Optane is a huge success and Intel is selling as many as they can make it. Anyone less optimistic about the reason for the supply shortage? Yield maybe? I heard rumor it is nowhere as reliable/durable as Intel designed them to be.
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    Where is Optane?

    Hello, Optane was launched several months ago, I can find the m2 16GB/32GB SKUs available but nowhere I see the P4800X for sale. Also, Micron has not released any product based on this technology yet. Does anyone know the reasons/rumors behind this?
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    ProxMox vs OMV vs UnRaid vs Debian/Centos w/ Docker + KVM vs Rancher

    If your setup should also have a learning value to you (are you an IT pro?) then I would say stay away from SnapRAID and mergerFS because these technologies are not something anyone would want to use in production for anything serious. And it sounds quite cumbersome to maintain. Imagine that...