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  1. Diavuno

    SUPER,MICRO,CLOUD X10SLD-F stuck at system initializing 15

    **update the unbuffered ECC does work...
  2. Diavuno

    SUPER,MICRO,CLOUD X10SLD-F stuck at system initializing 15

    I ordered a kit thats on the supermicro HCL.
  3. Diavuno

    SUPER,MICRO,CLOUD X10SLD-F stuck at system initializing 15

    HELLO!! I picked up a SuperMicro MicroCloud 5038ML-H8TRF it's a 3U with 8x nodes, each packing an X10SDL-F The plan is to use it as a lab to test/train with various hypervisors and VSAN (each node has 2x3.5) 5038ML-H8TRF | MicroCloud | SuperServer | Products | Super Micro Computer, Inc...
  4. Diavuno

    DIY UPS capacity upgrade, success and failure

    I have a APC smart UPS 2500 tower that is silent when on the utility power.... small fan when on batteries. I also just picked up a used APC smart UPS 3000 2U (part of a cheap rack I picked up) it is nearly silent... slight hum when on utility power. Both run on a simple 48V DC connection (same...
  5. Diavuno

    [FS][US-CA-SFBAY] Xeon D-1521 Server | ICX6450 | OCP Nodes | 25U Rack | More

    Im interested in a few of those Items, and just across the bay bridge. Do you still have the monitor stands?
  6. Diavuno

    vSphere 7.0 and 10Gbe

    not officially supported, but for us home users, VMware has a record of being able to install an older version then upgrade... or install the drivers
  7. Diavuno

    X8 FreeNAS upgrade X9/10? or new low power CPU?

    So, I decided my FreeNAS boxes are way, way way too old. They are all X8 era stuff, around 10 years old. My needs have grown and changed some. Can something like a Xeon D or Atom3xxx handle a hard FreeNAS box and saturate 10G with ISCSI or NFS? Im considering something like the 5019D8-TR12P...
  8. Diavuno

    RAID 0 with 1 drive

    I seem to recall that samsung consumer drives and LSI/Avago cards do not get along well. Im guessing thats your problem right there A Raid card will provide a VERY slight (if any) boost to speed in random IO. It will not increase sustained speeds. I would not recommend running a RAID card for...
  9. Diavuno

    Supermicro(s) post hangs on code 42

    I dont remember where the RMA's go... but my girlfriend lives 10 minutes from super micro HQ.... time to get this fixed up!
  10. Diavuno

    Sr-iov on ESXI 7.0

    I just ordered up a bunch of X520-LR1 everything point to yes it works, but ill test in a few days when they arrive.
  11. Diavuno

    pfSense 2.4.5 released

    I did ther update on my home PFSense it was done in 5minutes, flawless. did the ones for my business... slower but trouble free.
  12. Diavuno

    Thoughts on sound "proofing" (dampening) a Startech 4POSTRACK12U

    light foam is usless by itself. your better off having the local hardware store cut some plywood and leaning the boards againts the server... itll keep the noice "in" (noise will reverberate and cancel out some of itself... the more you seal the box the better...but it does needs to breathe for...
  13. Diavuno

    So Amazon now won't let you order 'two' many things?

    I havent seen that... but I also have a business account and average pretty good numbers.
  14. Diavuno

    Headset for Homeoffice

    I have a bunch of the M165 units around my house/office. people often said it sounded like I was underwater or windy.... I got sick of it and decided to just throw money at a nice unit. got the PLT V5100, its pretty awesome... wish I got the model with the charging stand as the micro USB cover...
  15. Diavuno

    California on Lockdown

    I am the owner of two businesses... IT support for small businesses (still open, so far not affecting bottom line) good news since this is what pays the bills! and a vinyl Decal business that has flat lined... just a side thing to buy cars parts.... and now that things are slow I can install my...
  16. Diavuno

    GPU maintenance - fun ways to spend downtime

    I am a fan of slient air cooling... that being said I also own a 3d printer... Im going to start having fun with ducts :)
  17. Diavuno

    What is currently the fastest half-height graphics card?

    I have a 1050 in my HTPC, fast enough and does 4k decoding to help the i5 that would otherwise struggle... and because its my living room I had to see... it does in fact, play crysis. lol
  18. Diavuno

    Hardware Failures in 2020 - Post yours!

    Im going through another Supermicro Failure... my home ESXI threw a purple screen and wont boot now. In early January my old DL180G6 HomeNAS decided to fail and then didnt even try to post, just hung...
  19. Diavuno

    512 vs 4k - why convert?

    hey, like most here Im pretty technical... but why would you want to format your drives to or from 4k instead of 512? I thought we only went to 4k for max amount of data in a certain number of addressable sectors... but is there another reason?