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    Seagate Exos 2X14 Mach.2 500MBps Hard Drive Launched

    So , this is just two hard drives in a single enclosure and you need to set somehow the 2 volumes of 7tb in raid 0 to achieve the proclaimed speed of 500+ MB/s , right ?
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    Hardware advice and some Soft/architecture

    In the home NAS field , my choice is Solaris11.4 + napp-it, hardware (second hand mostly) Intel system, LSI controllers, Intel based NICs. 4k native HDDs is a plus. You can't go wrong with this combo . Oracle have perfect documentation/manuals about Solaris. Im not using napp-it anymore , cause...
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    NAS Build: Xeon vs. EPYC 3000 vs. Ryzen

    5. I'm not familiar with actual epyc's motherboards. My latest build is x11spfw-tf , now I will definitely go with epyc zen2 platform. 6.Flexibility when sh*ts happen . With spare HBA on the shelf you can swap the dead one in minutes. In case of motherboard's fail you wil be in pursuit of broad...
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    Have a problem with supermicro h11dsi

    Did you try with just one RAM module ? MBs sometimes gets picky with all slots populated.
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    NAS Build: Xeon vs. EPYC 3000 vs. Ryzen

    My fault . Physical x16 , of course x8 is enough for 10gbe and 8port HBA. The kid is crawling at my back, so excuse me :) By the way . I will not risk with the onboard sata ports via the chipset. Dedicated HBA on pci slot is way better approach . I prefer it even before build-in MB sas...
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    NAS Build: Xeon vs. EPYC 3000 vs. Ryzen

    Epyc system. Cause the 8 memory channels. Zfs loves fast RAM. 10gbe Nics are around 100 bucks in ebay. P.s. I'd go with epyc mb with 8 ram slots and at least 2 pcix16 - one for 10gbe ,the second gets the HBA .
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    Dream combination: Usermanagement + Filer + Internet/ Cloud connectivity

    Thanks, you gave me idea to play with it the upcoming week.
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    Dream combination: Usermanagement + Filer + Internet/ Cloud connectivity

    Did you try NextCloud with file transfer plugin . I was fighting with it a year ago but did not liked the outcome and end with good old solutions of uncoupled VNC and sFTP . Crude but just 4 remote reliable users .
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    Cache plans for ZFS server

    To much philosophy, real life shows this / no compression or SSDs involved / : time mkfile 20g ttt real 0m4.638s user 0m0.144s sys 0m4.445s :D
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    Cache plans for ZFS server

    What Gea said. I will add that the bottleneck will be the 1gbs network , not the filler itself.
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    WTB: Ubiquiti Edgeswitch-16-XG or MikroTik CRS317-1G-16S+RM

    I bought it brand new from local retailer . The price was joke compared to others options . I dig in the online reports, come across initial complains but I found they was resolved with the firmware updates and "pulled the trigger" . Obviously , not regretting it :)
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    WTB: Ubiquiti Edgeswitch-16-XG or MikroTik CRS317-1G-16S+RM

    Not yet - still have few unused ports and at this point Im not listing for more of 10gbe connectivity :)
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    WTB: Ubiquiti Edgeswitch-16-XG or MikroTik CRS317-1G-16S+RM

    9 months with Edgeswitch 16 xg, not a single issue. Mixed second hand sfp+, all of them works. Link aggregations are fine. No problem to saturate 10gbe if the hosts can do it.
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    Supermicro boards - why do they POST so slowly?

    Intel's MBs aren't different . Have few SM and Intel boards - roughly equal boot times. Yes, it's irritating , especially when you're on hurry :)
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    Recommended NAS for 800MB/Sec Sequential on 10Gig

    Raid 10 from 8 HDDs @250MB/s must be enough for single client/file. Usually , the NAS performance's headache starts with the network and transport protocols . In a scenario single client working with single file the LAG barely helps .
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    A few zfs questions for a rebuild...

    I feel you :) With the latest additional 64 GB,the RAM size become 192GB@2400Mhz, 6 channels , the outcome : NAS with 2x 10Gbe NICs in active LACP and single 10Gbe win7pro client.
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    New server - Epyc vs Threadripper

    If you need significant performance -EPYC w/o any doubt . RAM size, speed and latency are critical for ZFS's accomplishments , 2 vs. 8 memory channels - there is no comparison.
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    Peformances problem using Resolve with folder on Omnios ZFS server

    What if they are disabled at the clients side ?
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    A few zfs questions for a rebuild...

    Be sure that smb signing is disabled at both ends too . Useful in some cases Interrupts moderation rate to low/medium in properties of the Windows clients NICs ,note- the CPU will take little load. Don't use smb 1 , thats one of the very few security rules which I obey :) Try with out...
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    Oracle Solaris 11.4

    Yeh Gea thanks, Played with the NICs drivers setting on both ends. At the Windows side the major difference made interrupt moderation from default "adaptive" to "low" and disabling the flow control . Thats the cost of under 5 percent CPU load . With other types of calculations offloaded to the...