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    Seagate Exos X22 20TB Manufacturer refurbished for $209 ($196 on ebay)

    Thanks for posting the deal. I needed a big parity drive for my new unraid server and this fits the bill nicely.
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    $70 Dual LAN Mini PC w/ i3-1115G4, 8GB, internal PSU

    Yep.... does mPCIe make you angry? :)
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    $70 Dual LAN Mini PC w/ i3-1115G4, 8GB, internal PSU

    Awesome tip @dan81 , I'm certain I've got a few of those around. I'll probably drop one in mine as well. My system is operating under very low load so I can't imagine the reduced fan speed will matter much.
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    Help with cabling for Asus Pike 2008 card

    Thank you for finding that cable! I knew it must be out there but my search skills were failing me. re: the disk configuration... yeah, this is an Unraid box and performance is a very low concern. I already had this MoBo from an abandoned past build and it works quite well for this with its...
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    Help with cabling for Asus Pike 2008 card

    Hi all - I have an Asus Z9PR-D12 motherboard and just ordered the PIKE RAID card. I've seen them mentioned a few times on this board, but for reference, they're an add-on PCI card that goes in a special slot on this motherboard which then enables 8 SAS ports on the motherboard to be connected...
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    $70 Dual LAN Mini PC w/ i3-1115G4, 8GB, internal PSU

    FYI, mine arrived today. Same specs as in the earlier post so the rest are probably going to be the same. The fan is a bit louder than I'd prefer, but definitely not a deal breaker as it's not going into my living room.
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    $70 Dual LAN Mini PC w/ i3-1115G4, 8GB, internal PSU

    Mine is on the way as of today. Did you have to do anything to get Linux installed on your device @semidetached or did you just use a USB stick and it worked as normal?
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    [FS-US-CO] Brocade 6610, Dell XPS 13" + 15", free 10GB NIC + power supplies

    And ... F320s & NIC sold to me. Thanks @custom90gt , looking forward to receiving them
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    $70 Dual LAN Mini PC w/ i3-1115G4, 8GB, internal PSU

    Thanks for sharing! Just picked up one for myself. I've been looking to move Plex to a dedicated transcoding box (none of my existing servers support QuickSync) and this looks like it'll fit the bill nicely (unless I get extremely unlucky and get one of the AMD models), but based on the fact...
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    Very useful

    I agree... useful and the right price! Thanks for posting.
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    WD SN630 U.2 NVME SSDs

    Definitely tempting prices. I was quite surprised to find an even better deal when I went to look to see what these normally sell for. NewEgg - $289 new, same 5 year warranty
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    GPU price has dropped precipitously in last few months

    This has been a crazy ride with GPU prices the last couple of years. Around 12 months ago, I got lucky and found an all in-one tower with a top of the line Intel desktop CPU and a 3080 GPU included for $2k. I bought it, removed the GPU, sold it for $2,200 and put in an older GPU into the tower...
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    EXPIRED Expired: Great deal on used 1.6TB SAS3 HUSMM1616 drive $120USD shipped conus

    Heck of a deal, thanks for giving us a shot at them!
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    Help buying rtx 3080

    Do you have to actually be in a Best Buy or you're watching the site for them to drop? Are any of them actually inventoried in stores or all online?
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    LSI / Avago CacheCade incredibly slow?

    For only a single 1TB HDD, wouldn’t it be cheaper just to buy a 1TB SSD and move everything to it?
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    ASUS Xeon E5 V1/V2 Dual CPU - low cost motherboard.

    I bought one of these a couple of weeks ago for $60. For the price range it’s a great deal. The heat sinks are throwaways though. Passive cooling wasn’t enough even with a very cool ambient temp.
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    Aruba MAS series SFP+ & POE+ switches sub-$100

    Turns out this was the solution! Man... what a simple thing I'd had wrong for so long. It was deceptive because everything else worked... all I had to switch to get MDNS working for Chromecast discovery and streaming was to assign the ShieldTV interfaces to access mode as you suggested. I...
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    Aruba MAS series SFP+ & POE+ switches sub-$100

    This is very helpful, thank you. I made a few changes this direction yesterday and things seem to be improving. I'll continue along these lines today. Thank you!
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    Aruba MAS series SFP+ & POE+ switches sub-$100

    Thanks for the quick answer. Yeah, VLAN is up and working fine on the Unfi setup. The default VLAN is the same on both, and I'm only testing Chromecasts from within the default VLAN, so I don't think that's the issue. Screenshot below just to make sure I'm not missing something obvious. One...
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    Aruba MAS series SFP+ & POE+ switches sub-$100

    Hi all -- I'm hoping I can lean on your collective wisdom with these switches to get MDNS traffic working correctly between wired and wireless clients on these switches. I was one of the early buyers in this thread and have lived without my chromecasts properly working for the last 1.5-2 years...