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    [WTB] 512GiB registered ECC for Epyc

    Hi Wings. You might get more responses if you listed what hardware you are planning to run (ie. CPU(s) and motherboard).
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    Looking for Dual mini-ITX cases

    Looks like there's a couple of the Travla T2280 listed on Amazon under "KRI CK2280". Currently showing 6 in stock.
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    Where are the half-rack server cases?

    iDOTpc's Half-U cases might work for you. 8.56" wide and available sizes of 1U to 3U. I use a modified version of the ITS-2814 for my lab servers.
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    What 2.5GBase-T Netword card

    Thanks for the heads up. It'll be interesting to see which stepping it comes with.
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    What 2.5GBase-T Netword card

    If you prefer Intel to Realtek, QNAP makes a 2.5Gbe NIC based on the Intel I225 chipset (P/N: QNAP QXG-2G1T-I225). I have one on the way for testing.
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    2U rackmount chassis with horizontal/full height PCI-e?

    The chassis you have is designed for a Micro-ATX motherboard (see the dimensions here). You would need to use a PCIe riser card to adapt to the full height, horizontal, PCIe slots. I can't be certain based on the pictures, but the PSU is likely a FlexATX form factor. What form factor...
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    Need help reseting the password on a Cisco 3560G switch

    The web GUI does not work unless you create a user with level 15 access. From the CLI: - enable - config t - username admin privilege 15 secret password (replace "admin" and "password" with your own) - ip http server (this enables the service) - ip http authentication local Then try logging in...
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    Need help reseting the password on a Cisco 3560G switch

    Ok, try this: 1) Unplug the power and plug it back in 2) As soon as the SYST LED starts blinking, press and hold the [Mode] button 3) You will eventually see the following scroll across your terminal: Using driver version 1 for media type 1 Base ethernet MAC Address: xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx Xmodem...
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    Need help reseting the password on a Cisco 3560G switch

    On the 3560s, you use the physical mode button on the front of the switch. See this page for the procedure.
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    MCX312A-XCBT or X520-DA2 in PCIe v2 x8 slot?

    Yes, either card should work fine. 5 GT/s translates to about 4 Gbit/s for each lane. So the theoretical maximum is 32 Gbit/s for 8 lanes with the 8b/10b encoding scheme used by PCIe v2.
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    POE test device

    Are you looking for a wall wart style? If so, IPCamPower makes two. IPCP-MINIINJECTOR (15W 802.3af) ~$10 IPCP-MINIINJECTOR-AT (30W 802.3at) ~$15 I wouldn't recommend them for permanent installations, but they should be fine for testing purposes.
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    Cheap 40GbE at home - too good to be true?

    You could, but Noctuas don't have the static pressure to dissipate the heat output.
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    Cheap 40GbE at home - too good to be true?

    They are definitely loud. Not bad once they've booted though (51 dB at 3 feet). The power draw can be surprisingly good. The SX6012 on my test bench is 30W at idle and 44W while booting. I spun the fans all the way up and it measured 55W. Each DAC adds between 0.5-1.0W. * Bear in mind...
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    Odroid H2 Proxmox host

    Doesn't help the hobbyists when somebody buys up 100 of the initial run to sell on eBay.
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    Improving My Home Network/Best Practices/Suggestions

    I'm not sure about 9.2, but 9.3 and newer are definitely limited. I'd recommend against messing with 9.2 for production use as it lacks support for newer encryption protocols. I never understood why Cisco felt the need to overprice their virtual ASAs. You can buy an ASA 5506-X for $600-800...
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    Improving My Home Network/Best Practices/Suggestions

    Just a heads up, when deploying an ASAv without a license, it is limited to 100Kbps of throughput.
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    MTU on affordable SFP+ to RJ45 modules

    The modules don't have onboard buffers. That is left to the switch or NIC to provide.
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    MTU on affordable SFP+ to RJ45 modules

    I’m not sure if it supports above 9000; I don’t have a switch capable of testing that. Doesn’t look like ENET lists the max mtu on their site either.
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    MTU on affordable SFP+ to RJ45 modules

    The only one I’ve confirmed so far that supports jumbo frames is the ENET SFP-10G-T-ENC, but I wouldn’t consider at cheap at $375. You can add the Fluxlight SFP-10G-T to your list of modules that don’t support it.
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    Best practice ESXi and stacked redundant switches

    Yes, but I recommend switching to "route based on IP hash" first. This is required if you're switch ports are set up for ether-channel. If you're switch ports are not configured for ether-channel, you'll still get better traffic distribution with IP hash routing. With VPID, it chooses a NIC...