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  1. britinpdx

    Lenovo T32p-20 32" 4K IPS UHD USB-C HDMI DP Monitor for $249 or less before tax with FS

    From the "ThinkVision T32p-20 User Guide"..
  2. britinpdx

    EXPIRED Precision 7820 Tower, dual Silver 4110, 32gb, 1tb ssd, P600 $349 shipped

    Added bonus .. I added an Intel U.2 NVME drive into one of the 3.5/2.5 caddies and installed it in the upper right bay, rebooted and the drive was recognized. This explains why only SATA ports 0 and 1 were wired to the left hand upper and lower 3.5" bays. So support for 2 NVME devices! The...
  3. britinpdx

    EXPIRED Precision 7820 Tower, dual Silver 4110, 32gb, 1tb ssd, P600 $349 shipped

    Well, my unit has arrived (it only had a short 200 mile hop down the I5 from Seattle) The packing job was minimal, and I'm being kind. One layer of bubble wrap around the unit and put into a thin-ish carboard box. The box arrived with 6 of the 8 corners dented, so the usual FedEx care was...
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    Supermicro 6028U-TRTP X10DRU-i Barebone $349

    I've always assumed that it is to physically support an end mounting bracket for Graphics Cards.
  5. britinpdx

    Supermicro SC825 Rev 2?

    I believe that you are correct, that rev K is older than rev M. I've got a mixture of rev K and rev M 825/826/836/846 chassis. Interestingly, the Ultra chassis that I have (which are much newer that the "generic" storage chassis noted above) are a mix of rev A and Rev B, but these chassis only...
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    Supermicro SC825 Rev 2?

    I've also run into this issue on older revs of SM chassis. I believe that historically the dual CPU versions of the X9 motherboards were the ones that required a "revision M" chassis to support the specific standoff that you identify. To get around the issue I've used appropriately sized M3...
  7. britinpdx

    Supermicro 6028U-TRTP X10DRU-i Barebone $349

    The power cables from the motherboard to the backplane are 1x8pin to 2x4pin, providing 4x4pin to the backplane. Depending upon the backplane, all 4pin cables may not be required. There are only 3 power connectors on the SAS3 backplane in my chassis, the 4th was neatly cable tied out of the way...
  8. britinpdx

    Supermicro 6028U-TRTP X10DRU-i Barebone $349

    Bending the small tab that interferes with the heatsink is the same method that I took. There are a number of Ultra risers, I presumed that this is a "generic" kit to fit the range of risers as there was a few other mounting items that I didn't need.
  9. britinpdx

    Supermicro 6028U-TRTP X10DRU-i Barebone $349

    Absolutely... Modularity IMHO the #1 benefit for Supermicro systems are their modularity. The Ultra range are a little more ""targeted" to performance compared to the "mainstream" line, but they are still very configurable. Take a look at the details of the ultra series from the Supermicro...
  10. britinpdx

    Canon EOS C70 Real-world Usage Notes

    Thanks for pointing those out ... those are very attractive price points and capabilities. It won't take long for reviews to be posted ..
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    Canon EOS C70 Real-world Usage Notes

    Canon and Sony are releasing some awesome technology these days, they duke it out for the #1 spot and we the consumers are the overall winners :D I sympathize with the 20+ month journey to try and figure out what works best for you, and kudos if you've finally made it! Congrats on the C70, it...
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    Supermicro 6028U-TRTP X10DRU-i Barebone $349

    It sure can, you need to populate CPU0, but you only get access to the "Ultra IO" pci-e slots and not the WIO pci-e slots. The Motherboard Manual gives the details in the block diagram on page 1-10. The Networking Ultra Riser Adapter Compatibility Matrix shows the various risers that are...
  13. britinpdx

    Brocade ICX Series (cheap & powerful 10gbE/40gbE switching)

    FWIW, as I have both the non-POE and POE units handy, I just checked idle power using a Kill-A-Watt once units have booted up and "settled down". The ICX6450-24 idles at ~24W and the ICX6450-24P idles at ~34W, so roughly in line with what you have seen.
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    STH Forums a New Look and How to Switch to Dark Theme

    If we're giving feedback, my inner grump says I'm not a fan of the page animation effect, nor of the "every color in the rainbow" accents, which IMHO completely distracts the eye in the "dark" page view.
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    How to track down a noisy fan ??

    Good suggestions so far, I'll offer an alternative which may be tedious ... possibly power down the server completely so the BMC has to "register" any fans before power up. (Pretty sure this works for Supermicro boards, but I have used Intel boards in the past that require a one time...
  16. britinpdx

    Quick sanity test - VM single thread CPU Perf

    Server 2016 running on a Supermicro X10SRL-F with E3-1650v3, 32GB PC4-2133. VM is Win8.1, assigned 8GB memory and 4vCPU. Passmark CPU Single Thread score is 2170. I do want to note that I am running with adjusted Powercfg settings in S2016 to overcome some Plex server responsiveness issues...
  17. britinpdx

    Likely impact of damage - corner of SP CPU

    I'm familiar with typical FC-BGA substrate materials and associated fabrication processes. I have not cross sectioned a finished LGA-3647 package to verify construction, but it will likely be a 400~600µm core (which provides the base "rigidity" for the substrate) with 4~8 build up layers per...
  18. britinpdx

    Supermicro 836 dimensions

    Hopefully these can help ..
  19. britinpdx

    Supermicro X10SRH-CLN4F Cooler

    If installing in a 4U chassis, consider the Supermicro SNK-P0050AP4 .. comes with square and narrow ILM attachments. Can be found a little cheaper at Newegg I've never used the Noctua cooler, but it implements a larger 120mm fan so should run slower. The specs on that noctua cooler indicates...
  20. britinpdx

    a little computer trivia: "boot"

    feb ‘83 for me on DEC PDP-11, which had a boot loader, but after a few months was introduced to the older PDP-8, which (if memory serves me) required manual “load accumulator” sequence to bootstrap. Seem to remember that the PDP-8 was also sporting core memory, and not a lot of it (maybe 16k ?)...