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    looking for some old veritas stuff

    Hello guys, I hope my post does not violate some forum rules :) i got old sparc T2 server recently and i have veritas storage foundation installed on it (i got the install files from my previous work). Unfortunately i am not able to find the free version of VEA 5.1 tool (i have VEA 4.1 but it...
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    Mellanox ConnectX-4 CX4121C firmware

    hi guys, this PSID seems to be DELL :) Not sure why you were checking Huawei site.
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    Multi-NVMe (m.2, u.2) adapters that do not require bifurcation

    in idle is around 20-22W total (4--5W for PLX and around 4W per SSD), under load goes up to around 30W (around 8W per PLX and 5-6W per SSD)
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    Multi-NVMe (m.2, u.2) adapters that do not require bifurcation

    Yes, i confirm :) it takes around 20W with 4x NVMe drives.
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    HP Z620 shuts itself down and then powers on

    Update on the issue: after updating bios to latest available version issue no longer occurs.
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    buying suggestions for DDR3 era workstations...

    zachj, " the z820/840 really only differ from the z620/z640 in the number of memory slots. See above for why I just don’t think you ought to care about this. The z8x0 machines also sell for a premium over the z6x0 machines that I just don’t think can be justified. " That's not actually true...
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    10gbase-t for asrock b365m-hdv

    Yes, exactly, around 600-700MB/s which is around 5-6Gbps. That's my experience as well.
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    10gbase-t for asrock b365m-hdv

    Hello jack16v, please clarify the difference between gb (gigabits) and GB (gigabytes) :) it seems you have some misunderstanding on that. Regarding saturation on 0.985GB/s on the X1 lane - the speed you are more likely to see with x1 PCIe 3.0 lane is around 6-7Gbps (gigabits per sec) = 650-700MB/s.
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    2011 v2 system not able to load graphic drivers when having 1TB+ ram

    have you tried different video card? :)
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    HP Z620 shuts itself down and then powers on

    Hello friends, I use one old Z620 workstation as an ESXi host for couple of years already. But it has one really weird behavior - the workstation shuts itself down and then powers on by itself. It does this completely randomly, sometimes once per 20-30 days, most frequently once per week or...
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    $5 Intel 100G CWDM4 QSFP28

    They should be working fine. Mikrotik doesn't do vendor lock for SFP modules on their switches as far as i know. I use FS and Kaiam modules in my CRS504-4XQ-IN without issues.
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    Multi-NVMe (m.2, u.2) adapters that do not require bifurcation

    Congratulations for the purchase :) I have the same card and max speed i was able to achieve with 4 of 970 evo plus 2TB is around 10GB/s (with 2667 v4 on X10SRI-F).
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    FS QSFP28-SR4-100G possible batch issues

    i have one module since Feb 2023 and it works flawlessly. S/N: C221002xxxx Vendor revision: 1A Manufactured: 22-10-08
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    NVME Breakout PLX Switch PCI-E adapter

    short answer: you have to replace the mobo :) long answer: your mobo has 2 x PCIe x16 according the specs: one of the slots is x16 and one x4. you did not mention the graphics card you use, but i assume you use x16 slot for it. If you move the GPU to x4 slot and use NVMe card to x16, then maybe...
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    Sun SPARC T1000 - noisy fans

    Hello sko, thanks a lot for the detailed explanation. I fully agree with you, that this server would never be so quiet to run unnoticed. That is not my goal anyway :) I already have some equipment in my home lab, running 24/7 and small amount of noise is ok, but T1000's noise is just beyond any...
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    Sun SPARC T1000 - noisy fans

    Hello STH folks, recently i've bought old Sun SPARC T1000 server, which i plan to use from time to time to play with :) However, fan noise is just unbearable. All 4 fans are spinning at almost 10k rpm, even though total server consumption is 150-180W. Even after Solaris 10 has completely...
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    QSPF 100Gb Intel PSM4 to 4x25Gb LC to different computers, switches, etc?

    I use mpo/mtp SR4 (from breakout cable (5m) in my homelab and i have 4 different machines connected on 25Gbps. Never tried different speeds (25 and 10) simultaneously, so cannot tell if this would work. Keep in mind breakout cables (in my case from fs) has really short wires on break out...
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    100Gb for the home... ConnectX-4 vs. -5 vs. Onmi-path?

    I use mine with Z820s, so airflow is very good, but CWDM4s definitely are getting quite hot during operation (50-55C)