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  1. KC@Gadgetblues

    Supermicro Industrial Atom E50-40 SYS-E50-9AP-N5 Goldmont Server 29130EC Brand New $75 $8.00 shipping

    8GB DDR3L 1866 RAM $13.99 shipped The 8GB limit is probably because 16GB DDR3L DIMMs don't seem to exist.
  2. KC@Gadgetblues

    Asus nvme nas with 6x 2tb solidigm for 800$ usd

    The P41 Plus is a slightly refreshed version of the Intel 670p which sells for <$40 and as low as $33.
  3. KC@Gadgetblues

    Pfsense box for cheap $72

    That celeron 3215u is the speed of a Pi 4
  4. KC@Gadgetblues

    15.34TB PCIe Gen4 NVMe SSDs $1K?

    You also save a lot of lanes with 15.36 TB vs. 7.68. There are 4x U.2 to x16 cards available cheap if your slot supports bifurcation. I would definitely stick some fans on there though.
  5. KC@Gadgetblues

    USB NIC with inbox Windows 11 drivers for setting up?

    Looks like Windows 11 has removed inbox drivers for the two USB Ethernet adapters I normally used. Anyone know of a gigabit USB NIC with inbox Windows 11 drivers? Plugable has a 10/100 but that's way too slow. Most of the new systems I'm setting up have no inbox drivers for onboard networking...
  6. KC@Gadgetblues

    Best option for desktop LTO-8 SAS tape drive?

    I'm looking at the Magstor refurbished desktop SAS LTO-8 @ $3119 but before I pull the trigger, are there any better/cheaper options? I suppose I could also use an internal 5-1/4" SAS since I have a bay in the backup machine. I've bought and returned 2 flaky surplus autoloaders from eBay and...
  7. KC@Gadgetblues

    SFP+ to LC transceiver for Intel X552?

    I've got dual port SFP+ Intel X552/Cortina CS4227 onboard, and when I plug in a Netgear transceiver it doesn't work the first time, it errors out the NIC in Device Manager. It also doesn't work on boot, which makes this (literally) a non-starter. I have to unplug & re-plug several times to get...
  8. KC@Gadgetblues

    So how big will spinning rust drives get?

    HDDs 32TB later in 2023, 40TB in 2024, 50TB in 2026.
  9. KC@Gadgetblues

    I need a small, quiet server with 10GbE and external SAS to host an LTO drive

    Looking for suggestions for a small, quiet server to host a PowerVault TL1000 autoloader. Needs to have: - 10GbE built-in, OR an x8 slot (I have a X540 on hand), can be copper or SFP+ - SAS 12Gb built-in, OR an x8 slot - Windows 11 supported CPU generation (no hacks) - Storage doesn't matter...
  10. KC@Gadgetblues

    Do 2017 WD Gold drives have Power Disable?

    I have a dozen WD101KRYZ WD Gold 10TB left over from an upgrade that I want to put in a 2012 DS3612xs rackmount Synology NAS that doesn't support Power Disable. I've looked at all the WD datasheets etc. and none of them document which models support Power Disable. There is one WD white paper on...
  11. KC@Gadgetblues

    Using ASPEED 2400 IPMI remote KVM on modern clients?

    Yep, nailed it, ASRock Rack. Never buying again. Wow, I didn't know that about AST2500. Do you know if AST2600 fixes the requirement? I really need a new board but I literally cannot find any mATX board with 10GbE and AST2600 on sale, with any socket.
  12. KC@Gadgetblues

    Using ASPEED 2400 IPMI remote KVM on modern clients?

    What's your go-to solution for using the ancient ASPEED 2400 remote KVM Java service on modern clients? I can't get it to work with OpenWebStart. Are you using a VM or what?
  13. KC@Gadgetblues

    Anyone connected a PC RAID card to a Synology 12-bay expansion?

    Theoretically the Synology 12-bay desktop expansion units e.g. DX1222 are just 4-channel SATA over a SAS cable so they should work with a RAID adapter e.g. LSI, right? Has anyone tried this? It's hard to find/build any other 12-bay storage enclosure that's as quiet as Synology's.
  14. KC@Gadgetblues

    Affordable high endurance SATA SSD to replace my DC S3610?

    I use a 200 GB Intel DC S3610 (3 DWPD rated) for my surveillance cameras but it's coming up on 5 years, and I could use a bit larger model (500GB or 1TB). Any recommendations? Refurb is OK due to the endurance. Host is Synology DS3617xs. For reference, DC S3610 specs are 84K 4K IOPS read, 28K...
  15. KC@Gadgetblues

    Where can I get that plastic adapter to stack 2 BP7 batteries for a UPS?

    My dual BP7 battery stack got recycled before I could remove the plastic spacer & jumper that go between the two batteries. This is the thing that stacks two BP7 lead-acid UPS batteries with one right-side-up and the other upside-down, with tape to keep them stuck together. Not sure what it's...
  16. KC@Gadgetblues

    Netapp DS4243 (with IOM3) trays $199.99

    Presumably he was referring to PWDIS on higher capacity drives.
  17. KC@Gadgetblues

    Gigabyte Vision 10G LAN Card GC-AQC113G

    Gigabyte has announced a Vision-style 10G NIC based on the new Marvell Aquantia AQC113C. Pricing not stated but said to be similar to other 10G Aquantia NICs. There is no datasheet for the AQC113C on Marvell's site. The 113 comes in 3 flavors: AQC113, AQC113C & AQC113CS, all of which use the...
  18. KC@Gadgetblues

    WD 10TB easyshuck $150 on Amazon Prime

    Note these are SMR.
  19. KC@Gadgetblues

    LGA 3647 Processor Installation – Intel Advice

    At least this actually works, whereas AMD TR/EPYC socket works only half the time for me and has to be completely redone.
  20. KC@Gadgetblues

    Warning.. WD HC530 14Tb at too good to be true pricing

    Clarification, somebody here said that WD said that they were stolen. Invalid serial # is normal for OEM drives. For all we know the OP is an eBay competitor of the seller with the batch in question, trying to get us to avoid that seller. A cursory examination of eBay reveals drives with both...