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  1. herby

    How to Best Avoid SSDs Used for Chia Mining?

    I suppose that's true, someone selling a ton of enterprise gear is unlikely to have meme coin miners in their supply chains. They are also probably not going through the trouble of spoofing the S.M.A.R.T. data on hundreds or thousands of disks. They probably are trying to move a bunch of stock...
  2. herby

    How to Best Avoid SSDs Used for Chia Mining?

    I need to replace a old dying 480 GB Intel S3500 drive in my ZFS array. I'm okay with my current performance and disk space. I'm not in a rush to upgrade. In the olden days before 2021 and Chia's arrival on the scene, I'd just pick up a couple more used S3500's for $50-75 a pop on eBay, but now...
  3. herby

    [Solved] Need help selecting a rack mount chassis

    I personally I like the ARK IPC-2U2055, also sold as the Plinkusa IPC-2026-BK; however a lot of people understandably wouldn't. It takes ATX PSUs, but they need to have an 80mm fan like back in the old days; Seasonic does makes a few 90+ bronze and gold PSU with 80mm fans. The PSU's front...
  4. herby

    Cleaning thermal paste from socket

    If it's really non conducting your fine as long as the pins still make good contact to the pads on your CPU. I wouldn't try too hard to clean it either out of fear of bending the pins. Warranty wise, if you have a problem with the MOBO, it might be a hassle; but even then I bet you could push...
  5. herby

    Supermicro Liquid Cooling Portfolio Launched

    Looks a lot like Asetek's data center stuff.
  6. herby

    Repasting chipset - pads or paste?

    Paste is always better at conducting heat, pads are really only better when you're cooling something like little chips on an uneven surface. Like a pcb with a bunch of SMD components all around. I'm a little bit chicken so I always use non conductive paste. I hear Arctic MX-4 is pretty good and...
  7. herby

    Zen3 reviews are out - hail the new King!

    I hadn't heard of this MOBO until your post, but this thread Remote management on the Asus Pro WS X570-ACE, under Linux? makes the remote management sound pretty meh to me.
  8. herby

    2U ATX PSU

    Seasonic has two lines of 80mm fan (front to back airflow) PSUs: the ES line that's 80+ Bronze and a newer RS line that's 80+ Gold. I've have a 400w ES in my NAS since my spinning rust is in a separate DAS chassis, and two 600w ES PSUs in my...
  9. herby

    ConnectX3 40GbE only works at 10G in FreeNAS

    What version of FreeNAS, and what optics? I might not be able to help you troubleshoot but I can confim that what you have should work. My FreeNAS (11.2-U8) # ifconfig mlxen1 mlxen1: flags=8843<UP,BROADCAST,RUNNING,SIMPLEX,MULTICAST> metric 0 mtu 1500...
  10. herby

    Need advise to overcome 2 slot GPU covering my PCIe x8 slot

    Open up the end of the bottom X8 slot and put your 1080 there. According to this article at Techpowerup there's no performance penalty to running that card at x8 on PCI-E 3.0
  11. herby

    Looking for advice for file server

    It couldn't hurt to try. I think the guide encourages bigger disks since they tend to be faster as a rule. If the M.2 you have doesn't help you should be able to pull it from the pool with no ill effect. I have a vague suspicion that your use case isn't going to benefit much from L2ARC, it...
  12. herby

    Looking for advice for file server

    I think Patrick updates this list regularly: edited: Oh sorry this is the STH L2ARC recommendations...
  13. herby

    ZFS filesystem sync compr dedup settings

    I'm pretty sure I saw some benchmarks where a pool with LZ4 rather than taking a performance hit was actually faster than with compression off. Of course that's anecdotal and I'm far from expert. Strangely enough for a major ZFS feature I've never hear of anyone recommending or using dedup.
  14. herby

    Looking for advice for file server

    My oldest ZFSpool (around 2012) was built in two stages, a span of mirrors, RAID 10 style. It became clear that growing that way would become expensive quickly for bulk data storage where performance wasn't an issue. When it was time think about upgrading I bought a drive every couple months to...
  15. herby

    Recommendation 10G NIC

    Do the machines boot with the ConnectX-2 cards or does the motherboard fail to POST with a memory failure? If it fails you could try putting tape over pins B5/B6 like in this blog post: Yannick's Tech Blog: Modding a Dell Perc 6 / Dell H310 / Dell H710 (other LSI 1078 or 9223-8i based) SAS...
  16. herby

    WD Red & avoiding the SMR pitfall

    I haven't tried the N300 series, but I can vouch for the older Toshiba DT01ACA disks. I know with certainty those were clones of the venerable Deskstars that were popular around the time of the Thailand floods almost a decade ago. They never seemed to sell the 5400 RPM models through retail...
  17. herby

    Adding USB 3.0 to an SC846?

    Probably doesn't matter much, but I'd google around to make sure the USB controller the card uses will work with your OS. The card you linked to looks like it runs a Renesas uPD720201, apparently it had problems with some older Linux kernel according to a quick and dirty search.
  18. herby

    Custom mylar air shroud?

    Acrylic is pretty easy to cut and glue especially if you aren't worried about it being liquid tight.
  19. herby

    Guinea pigs needed - aka FreeNas 11.3 is out

    I guess I should at least update to 11.2 at this point. I haven't heard of any huge flubs since Coral, but of any of my systems my NAS is the one I want to mess up the least.
  20. herby

    4U ATX Backplate?

    Yeah, that turned out nicely.