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  1. Biren78

    Happy New Year!

    Happy new year STH
  2. Biren78

    Proxmox move VMs to another cluster or system

    I've got a few VMs that are sitting on LVM, Ceph and ZFS in a Proxmox cluster. I want to move a few of them to another datacenter. I know where the kvm config file is so that's easy and easy to edit. Moving storage between nodes in a cluster is easy. Is there a good way to move the storage? Like...
  3. Biren78

    Anyone doing ETH mining in Docker?

    Lots of people here have servers and running docker allows for easy updates and keeping things neat in containers.
  4. Biren78

    Newegg @Ebay PowerColor Radeon RX VEGA 64 $465

    I don't get those coupons.
  5. Biren78

    Aeon mining thoughts.

    @Algeroth I don't get it? How do you figure out numbers of threads for both? Aeon seems really illiquid. One exchange to make it anything useful
  6. Biren78

    needed: LGA 1366 socket caps / covers

    Consolidation! Ha. Ok that was my best idea. I'm outa them
  7. Biren78

    What is it ? Intel P3608

    As a dork, I'd look at the nand packages and count quantity and lookup their capacity using google. That'll at least tell you how much raw NAND is there.
  8. Biren78

    Docker Mining w AMD GPU?

    The prob is that NVIDIA is flush with cash, hardware and devs. AMD is getting crushed.
  9. Biren78

    800GB M.2 eMLC and power loss protect

    $400 at auction now 800GB ST800KN0021 Seagate Nytro XM1440 eMLC PCI Express 3.0 x4 NVMe Mixed Use M. That's a nice m.2 drive.
  10. Biren78

    needed: LGA 1366 socket caps / covers

    You might be able to get cheap X5500's for fillers lol.
  11. Biren78

    Aeon mining thoughts.

    You should start on CPU instances. People that mine in the cloud are those stealing AWS credits from somewhere. Not profitable. It's better to use a CPU instance to lower your losses if you're paying for it.
  12. Biren78

    pfSense 2.4-Release Milestone for the Popular Firewall Platform

    I was reading the release notes and it sounds like there's only 2 ARM supported boxes now that netgate sells. It'll prob work, but you'll be in the abyss of support. You've gotta value your time more than troubleshooting boot errors for hours to save a few bucks.
  13. Biren78

    What is it ? Intel P3608

    The P3608's were two drives in one PCIe slot. If you've got 2 1.2TB then you've got one of two possibilities. You may have a 2.4TB drive. Or you may have a drive with full NAND exposed and no overprovisioning. If you wanted to provision down to 2 800GB then you'd have your 1.6TB. That'd be a...
  14. Biren78

    Monero Mining Performance

    @Nero24 power consumption? I'd second @jims2321 bash request.
  15. Biren78

    Mellanox Card choice (VPI or Eth) : need advice

    I like VPI cards or Ethernet better than pure IB. There are few times I've ever thought about saying F* Ethernet and going IB. But I've had the opposite thought for network segments. If you're getting VPI or pure Ethernet you're not going to have issues changing to Ethernet for a direct connect.
  16. Biren78

    Monero trading

    I've only done it once. From XMR to when the Coinbase to bank account request was initiated it was a few hours. You'll also get stuck on Poloniex because you want to trade for that last 0.001. Poloniex, Kraken, & other exchanges have daily withdrawal limits. From Coinbase it took a few days...
  17. Biren78

    Anyone flashing Mellanox ConnectX-3 in qty?

    This should be a guide in the resources section
  18. Biren78

    Mikrotik CRS317-1G-16S+RM / 10GbE

    uh... can we get a STH review? With Xeon D and C3000 plz
  19. Biren78

    Counterfeit/Display Intel 750 From Amazon- FYI

    Is this from shipped and sold by Amazon or a 3rd party seller?