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    Datasets on my root ZFS mirror - allocating space for Proxmox install and data

    Hi - I'm about to reinstall Proxmox afresh on my 2 disk SSD ZFS mirror (750GB each). Please could you sanity check that I'm not going to nuke my data. When I first set everything up, I think I simply installed Proxmox onto the SDD Raid 1 drives. Which presumably created the rpool zpool, and...
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    What's a sensible theft-event strategy (encryption?)

    Hi all, As my Proxmox/ZFS setup is taking shape, I'm starting to feel quite grown up about how seriously I'm taking my data (mirrors/backups etc). A weak point would be in the event of theft. There's one dataset with finances and stuff which someone could probably use for identity fraud. What...
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    Help! ZFS resilver ended with "insufficient replicas"

    Hi everyone, I've just replaced a drive in my ZFS pool to add storage capacity. But at the end of the resilver process the status is: root@toast:~# zpool status bodpool pool: bodpool state: UNAVAIL status: One or more devices could not be used because the label is missing or invalid...
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    How do I centralise my home directories?

    I've got a small home network and I'd like to centralise the home directories of the Linux users so that they will always have access to the same home directory regardless of which machine they use to log on. Is this wise? And if so, how best to achieve this? I do have a server that is always...
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    FreeIPA domain question - getting things right before I start

    I'm fed up of copying my users across everytime I create a new VM, so am about to set up a FreeIPA system at home. This will manage only the handful of users on my home LAN. I'm going to follow this guide How To Set Up Centralized Linux Authentication with FreeIPA on CentOS 7 | DigitalOcean...
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    The nightmare before Christmas! (or MB/PSU failure - how can i test?)

    Hi all, My shiny new home server has suddenly packed up. I've narrowed it down to the Supermicro X11SSM-F MB (because I've managed to boot another machine using the Seasonic S1211-430 PSU). What test can I run to diagnose further? The symptoms: I noticed that I couldn't log on via SSH. So I...
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    What's my best backup configuration?

    Thanks to some great help on STH, my home server is taking shape. I'd value your tuppences on how I should configure backups for a _reasonable_ degree of protection. I'm planning on using crashplan (free edition) for the back ups. For most of my media, the backup is essentially a clone of the...
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    Linux ownership: Do I have to have all the same users & UIDs across all my CTs & host in Proxmox?

    Basic question for the Linux folk. I'm sharing a ZFS dataset from a host (which currently only has the root user) with an ubuntu 16.06 container that has actual (non-root) users. I.e. I bind-mount /rpool/files in the host to /media/files in the container. Within that mounted dataset I want...
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    Any recommendations for a 101 on provisioning resources to VMs/containers

    I'm about to start setting up containers and possibly some VMs on my proxmox install. Does anyone have any reading recommendations that would teach me the basics of deciding how to provision resources when setting up the VMs and containers (i.e. how many cores, how much memory etc)?
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    Do I need to use by-id in proxmox zpools?

    I think that this post is saying that it is no longer necessary to use by-id when setting up zpools in proxmox 4.x, but being new to ZFS and proxmox, I couldn't quite follow the thread. I've got my proxmox root installed on a ZFS mirror on two drives and I'm going to be setting up more zfs...
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    How should I partition my Proxmox install on 2x800GB Raid1 array?

    I'm about to do my first Proxmox install and any advice on how to partition my drives would be much appreciated. Helpful advice from this forum suggested I should install Proxmox on a Raid1 array of SSDs which would then have my OS and VMs/containers etc. However, I went and got a pair of...
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    What drive configuration & FS for a home server using Proxmox and BTRFS (hopefully)

    Hi all, I'd love to run a Proxmox setup for my home server and really like the flexibility that BTRFS seems to offer for my personal files and media, but I know that BTRFS isn't great with VMs (by default) nor integrated into Proxmox. So I'm wondering whether I can do some sort of mix of ZFS...