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    Anyone got semiaccurate access to Intel price cuts article?

    Intel officially craters Xeon pricing I'd like to hear more of these massive price cuts but the article is paywalled? Anyone care to share some of the figures Intel is cutting like 66%? off msrp?
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    Any coders here ? LUCENE/SOLR product search

    Looking for someone to help with a product catalog Lucene/SOLR setup. Typical shopping cart type faceted search. I can handle the data structure, but need a good ole fashion faceted search. (SOLRNET example is damn close). Even better if you can hook it up to a login/session/ add to...
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    Quadro 6000 Special Edition (passive heatsink, dual DVI-D out!) , quadro 4000

    The Quadro 4000 and 6000 are compatible with ESXi, xen,hyper-v for Shared VGA support. Instead of VT-d you can load up many people on a single card! I've got a standard Quadro 4000 - figure $200 + shipping. works great. nothing special , just works! The Quadro 6000 is a special version...
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    Vsvga time? Sure is!

    1. Quadro 4000 - low power - good to go $200 video card - can support 8 vSVGA vm's at once (limited to ram of video card) 2. ESXi 5.1 driver supports quadro 4000,5000,6000,Tesla(??) video cards! the 4000 is a great bet since it uses little power and vsvga kind of sucks (dx 9 limit,256meg...
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    Anyon know how to hack the esxi nvidia driver to support more cards?

    Grid, quadro 6000,5000, 4000 only now. need to use with regular cards. Folks have hacked regular cards into GRID using resistor mod and bios mod. And used regular cards with svga on esxi 5.1. Esxi currently just starts x windows and everything is cool svga works. The drivers are...
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    ESXi 5.1 MAC PRO 4,1 - OSX Server and Client VM

    We are starting off with my old home MAC PRO 4,1 - this is the Nehalem with dual E5520, 6 of 8 dimm slots populated with 1GB ECC RDIMM w/thermistor (!), 1 velociraptor of 4 hot-swap bays. We have dual gigabit, no wifi, but bluetooth[might ditch this], and a Geforce GT120. Seems to have a...
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    Trade for ram? or L5639? I have some stuff - HBA - NIC

    1. 1 QLOGIC QLE3142 NX3-20G dual without SR optics (basically works with any SR optic or DAC cable). 2. 1 Intel NetXen 10gbe nic with SR XFP . older XFP but that's not a problem since it comes with 10GBASE-SR optics - standard OM3 LC/LC ($1.25/meter) cabling. 3. 1 Broadcom Dell DUAL...
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    DL180 G6 12 cores !! $399 - SICK DEAL! 14 LFF RPS 8GB RAM

    HP Proliant DL180 G6 Storage Server 2 x Six Core L5639 8GB RAM Rails 008835859909 | eBay RAILS!! This dude will configure it any way you want - IE want 12LFF instead? Just ask! Cool guy! I think we can agree this deal is SICK! Want a better motherboard? The $25 motherboard I posted above...
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    DL180 G6 (Serverworks Edition ILO2!) $25 motherboard

    HP SE1120 System Board Integrated ILO Board 583736 001 | eBay This is pretty much the pro version of the DL180 G6 -> ILO2 etc. Great spare parts price!
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    Prefer LP HP brand but whatever else matched is fine. Also consider 16GB if they are tested (in hp G6/G7). Cheap is great! I have items to trade or can do amazon payment. PM me!
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    PIR8 CLONE HP Gen8 drive sled cages work !! Smart Carrier Fakeys tested partially!

    Watch out for fake gen8 sleds! Watch out for folks selling fake gen8 drives and sleds! they appear to work but the lights are too bright and the red square light bleeds!
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    Sick deals on L5639 C6100 dell quads

    l5639 c6100 | eBay $1349 for 8 6-core with ram!! Anyone know a good setup for using one of these with SSD and 10gbe ethernet? I want to try one!!
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    24 port 10gbe switch is back!

    Netgear ProSafe XSM7224S Layer 3 Switch 606449073706 | eBay 20 ports of sfp+ and 4 shared 10GBASE-T/SFP+ I'm pretty sure the guy accepts offers. They are L3 upgradeable but honestly you do not want to route at 10gbe!! :) I've seen them sell from $1300 on average
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    The L5639 flood is upon us $135 and tons for little more.

    Intel Xeon L5639 HEXA 6 Core 2 13GHz 12M 5 86 LGA1366 SLBZJ | eBay 2 for $320 shipped. $165 shipped. Tons of them. Who is this cloud provider that has blessed us with these awesome-sauce chips!?? GEEZUS THANK YOU!! $240 for 48gb (8gb LP) $188 DL180 G6 BASE or $99 DL320 G6 base $135 L5639...
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    Anyone notice cheap brocade 10gbe?

    Brocade 1020 cna's are $40 on ebay Brocade 24 port turboiron are $2000 on ebay. I know brocade requires brocade "optics" but that's pretty dang cheap. Anyone ever use the brocade 1020 cna for networking? 24 * 40 for 12 servers no single point of failure 2000 for switch ??? for optics...
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    Stupid good deals on Thinkserver's - google them

    example: SERVER RD230 E5645 - 8gb ram - rackmount $650-700 brand new. not refurb, not ebay. brand new. workstations too! I expect by tomorrow most of the deals will be gone. ORDER tonight, and grab that stock before it's too late! Some folks here will know how much an E5645 cpu new is worth...
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    Should be sticky: Samsung 840 and 840 pro are not LSI megaraid compatible

    LSI will not support the 840 or 840 pro with LSI megaraid, 9260 through 9271 . The problem manifests itself in two specific drives, oddly these two drives are both competitors to a company called Sandforce. Samsung 840/840 pro - arguably the best ssd from a stable company (sorry OCZ but...
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    WTB: M5000 Perf Key 81Y4426, 9260-8i w/CTIO , 9265 CTIO, or 9266/9271 8 port

    I'm looking for a couple of perf keys which enable CTIO, SSWC on the m5014/m5015. It also enabled raid-6/60,SED, snapshot and SSCWB (cachecade 2.0). Refurbish is okay but definitely do not want the advanced key. OEM=9 really just need CTIO. any other CTIO controllers 9260,9265,9266,9271...
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    Can someone show me a MSM screenshot (current version) showing FASTPATH feature?

    1. Latest MSM 2. Windows 2008 R2 3. Can you post me a screenshot of your MSM, where it shows FASTPATH: ENABLED 4. Preferably IBM but other OEM's would be fine. I'm showing all M5014/M5015 never show fastpath on MSM any more. Not Disabled, Not Enabled, just GONE. The same controller in...