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    upgrade for Blue Iris

    I am buying the house next door to my current home and will be running fiber between the two location to make a single network. Right now my current blue iris box is a HP elitedesk 800 G1 with i7-4770s and current usage is around 30% idle and 80-95% when recording. The current camera 6x 2.1MP...
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    Kernel errors with guest VMs on proxmox

    guest = ubuntu 16.04 LTS 64bit server with ssh server enabled proxmox = version 5.2 cpu AMD opteron 2356 I did a fresh install of ubuntu 16.04 LTS 64bit server with the only thing enable other than default is ssh server. When I do OS updates I get mod errors when it updates kernel related...
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    Finding bulk used switches

    I am helping out a linux event get some new(new to us) switches. We are looking for about 50 switches of the same model. We dont care what brand other than not HP(HP is what we have today and looking to get away from it). Needs 1. good cli so that we can script the setup 2. min of 8 poe ports...
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    error on upload

    I am getting errors on the upload of the results. Here is the log
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    High end cluster

    Can someone look over this to make sure that I am not on the crazy train. I am looking to spec a cluster for work based on ovirt and gluster. The plan is to use the Gluster auto tiering, the SSD level would be a pair of systems with replicated gluster brick. The HDD level would be 4 systems what...
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    Mobo not posting

    mobo=SuperMicro H8SCM-F cpu=AMD Opteron 4334 ram=m393b5170fho-ch9 4x4gb I just got the parts for this build. The system will not POST the only sign of life is the LED for BMC Heartbeat blinking. I have tested swapping the PSU from a working system. I would love any help I can get on this.
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    Mellanox connectX en and windows 10

    I got a Mellanox connectX en mt26448 in a Dell precision t3500. I get an error in device manager of "this device cannot find enough free resources that it can use. (code 12)" Has anyone seen this?
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    small server

    I have need to take a small server for an event. The server needs to be able to fix in my carry on bag when I fly. I will need 4 cores, 16 gab ram, 160+gb ssd and run vmware esxi. What are my options?
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    xeon W3530 upgrade

    I have a dell workstation with a W3530 and I would like to see if there is a good upgrade for this cpu.
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    FS: Quanta LB4M

    48-Port Gigabit Switch w/ 2x SFP+ 10GB and dual power Here is the info on it (Switching) #show version Switch: 1 System Description............................. FASTPATH Switching Machine Type................................... LB4G 48x1G 2x10G Machine...