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    ASUS Xeon E5 V1/V2 Dual CPU - low cost motherboard.

    Hi For those interested in Xeon E5 V1/V2 Dual CPU low cost motherboards, this looks like an attractive offer. ASUS Motherboard Z9PR-D12 Intel LGA 2011 Socket with 1U Heatsink. US $79.99. > 10 Available. ASUS Motherboard Z9PR-D12 Intel LGA 2011 Socket with 1U Heatsink | eBay The manual...
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    LGA 3647 Processor Installation – Intel Advice

    Hi I did not know where best to post this, so I put it here at the top of the forum’s lists. Be careful when buying used Intel Scalable possessors – they may have been installed like this. Warning. Use this installation method at your own risk - A processor may have been intentionally...
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    EU UK Supermicro X11SSL-F & X11DPH-i

    Hi You might find this listing very appealing. Supermicro X11SSL-F MicroATX Used. More than 50 available. £50.00 SuperMicro X11SSL-F MicroATX | eBay Supermicro X11DPH-i Dual Socket ATX New. 10 available. £300.00 SuperMicro X11DPH-i Dual Socket ATX | eBay Good Luck. RedX1
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    EU UK HP 764284-B2 - Mellanox CX3-Pro FCCT-QSFP-VPI

    Hi If you are looking for Mellanox CX3-Pro Cards for QSFP applications at a reasonable price this offer might attract your interest. HP Infiniband FDR 10GB/40GB 2-Port 544+QSFP Adapter HBA 764736-001 764284-B2 | eBay These are in fact a HP version of the ConnectX-3 Pro MCX354A-FCCT VPI Card...
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    Finding Older Supermicro Bios & IPMI Files

    Hi Finding Older Supermicro BIOS Files. I had some issues and needed an older Bios. I used the wayback machine. Wayback Machine I think this Direct link might help. It takes some time to download. BIOS Download | Support - Super Micro Computer, Inc. Choose the BIOS Zip file...
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    EU UK - SUPERMICRO MBD-X11SSH-F-B LGA1151 socket H

    Hi You might find this listing very appealing. New. More than 10 available. SUPERMICRO MBD-X11SSH-F-B LGA1151 socket H C236 Micro ATX Motherboard | eBay Great vendor, I bought one at this price last time they were on offer. Good Luck. RedX1
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    EU CSE 815 with X9DRi-LN4F+ Worth checking out

    Hi If you are looking for low priced E5-V2, DP Motherboards. this might be worth checking out. Jack from BH (Who frequently posts here) confirms that this is a X9DRI-LN4F rev 1,20a motherboard. You can also find...
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    PRTG Hardware Monitoring - Supermicro

    Hi I should really post here more and return something for the really valuable knowledge and information on this forum. I have several Supermicro platforms that I wanted to monitor. I found this great guide of how to monitor SM-IPMI sensor values using the PTRG monitoring tools. PRTG...
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    Supermicro X9 Proprietary Motherboard Power – Advice Needed

    Hi New here, so please be gentle. I have posted this in the Chassis and Enclosures forums, but I am not sure where this topic fits best. I have a specific question about Power Distribution for SM proprietary motherboards. I have several self-built SM and Asus platforms both DP and UP...