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    WD 6TB 5400RPM

    I currently have a few Dual Intel Xeon E5630's that are using about 1A/120V at the moment with 1x6TB WD 5400RPM drive how much power do you think is added to the server per 6TB WD drive? Would the power vary lets say I threw a Hitachi 6TB drive instead of a WD would the power vary anyone know?
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    What to do with these 2 servers?

    I have two 4xIntel Xeon E7-4850 servers with 40 cores and 256GB of ram in each @ 2.0GHz. I picked them up for $800 on ebay each so I got a really good deal for them. The bad thing is I'm a server horder so I just buy because the prices are cheap but I have no idea what do to with them. I have...