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    Replacing PWS-721-R1 Power Supply Fan with a Silent One?

    Hi, Don't know if anyone would know, but is it possible to replace the PWS-721-R1 PSU (in a supermicro case & mobo) with a quieter one? I've attempted shoring pin 17 and it does not seem to be working, so looking to get a quieter fan... but I am not sure if the power supply will allow that - or...
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    Best Storage Controller for BPN-SAS-216A

    Hi, I have just got a SuperChassis 216A-R900LPB, with the BPN-SAS-216A backplane, and I need to get a storage controller for said chassis & backplane. I am looking for suggestions for raid cards, never had to get a raid card for a server, so Idk what exactly to get. The chassis is 24 bay, but...