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    ASUS Xeon E5 V1/V2 Dual CPU - low cost motherboard.

    Hi For those interested in Xeon E5 V1/V2 Dual CPU low cost motherboards, this looks like an attractive offer. ASUS Motherboard Z9PR-D12 Intel LGA 2011 Socket with 1U Heatsink. US $79.99. > 10 Available. ASUS Motherboard Z9PR-D12 Intel LGA 2011 Socket with 1U Heatsink | eBay The manual...
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    EU Clearance auction: loads of cheap Dell, HP and OEM Supermicro

    Hi I think the it might be fair to assume the bidders who paid an average of £2.5k for the Supermicro ICE Servers knew exactly what they were and probably had a use for them. I took a quick look and I think the Grass Valley Ice Playout Servers are based on this platform, but I may be wrong...
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    Gauge Interest in Arista 40G QSFP UNIV Transceivers

    Hi Arista QSFP-40G-UNIV Transceiver. I too have some interest in these modules for use with a Mellanox SX6036 VPI switches. Details from @BeTePe as above Here is a good video description of their use. Can anyone...
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    LGA 3647 Processor Installation – Intel Advice

    Hi I did not know where best to post this, so I put it here at the top of the forum’s lists. Be careful when buying used Intel Scalable possessors – they may have been installed like this. Warning. Use this installation method at your own risk - A processor may have been intentionally...
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    ES Xeon Discussion

    Hi Thanks so much, thats a great help. Chapeau bas! RedX1
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    ES Xeon Discussion

    Hi I hope you can help. Can anyone with more knowledge than me confirm if an Intel QQ8B A0 Stepping (Xeon Gold 6244 ES) CPUID - 050655h Work in a Supermicro X11DPI-N Motherboard? Thanks. RedX1 [
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    EU UK Supermicro X11SSL-F & X11DPH-i

    Hi Just an update, I ordered 2 of the X11SSL-F motherboards. They arrived, next-day UPS. They are X11SSL-F Rev 1.01 Boards with BIOS V2.2 - Current is V2.4 They arrived with IO Shields and one SATA cable. They are very clean and appear almost brand new. The IPMI logs show 6 events in...
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    EU UK Supermicro X11SSL-F & X11DPH-i

    Hi You might find this listing very appealing. Supermicro X11SSL-F MicroATX Used. More than 50 available. £50.00 SuperMicro X11SSL-F MicroATX | eBay Supermicro X11DPH-i Dual Socket ATX New. 10 available. £300.00 SuperMicro X11DPH-i Dual Socket ATX | eBay Good Luck. RedX1
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    Mellanox Software for MHQH19B-XTR

    Hi I had to do this recently. You might find this helpful. Firmware for ConnectX®-2 IB/VPI I hope this helps RedX1
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    Advice for any dual LGA2011 (C602) motherboard working with ATX PSU

    Hi Most server motherboards operate from a Single 12v Supply Rail. If you are choosing an ATX PSU, make sure it has just a Single 12v Supply Rail. For Dual-CPU supermicro boards the BeQuite PowerZone series works well for me. be quiet! I have several Supermicro and Asus Dual-CPU...
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    Brocade ICX Series (cheap & powerful 10gbE/40gbE switching)

    Hi Thanks so much for confirming this and for all your input about these Brocade switches. Chapeau bas! RedX1
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    Brocade ICX Series (cheap & powerful 10gbE/40gbE switching)

    Hi I am somewhat unfamiliar with the Brocade ICX switches and recently obtained an FCX-648E to explore and learn. I have upgraded it to the latest firmware and applied the relevant Advantage licences. Now I have a fully operational switch with the 4x10G ports all active. I am struggling...
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    32x40GbE $400 OBO if you are crazy

    Hi If I were in the US, at $159 this might be hard to resist. SmallStone XP D4040 32 Port Switch Celestica/smallstone XP D4040 32 Port QSFP 40gbe Switch for sale online | eBay Have fun. RedX1
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    Mellanox SX6790 FDR

    Hi You do not mention the cables in use. You might want to take a look at the speeds supported by your cables. Not all cables support 56Gb/S For Mellanox DAC’s see here...
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    EU WTB ConnectX-3 40/56Gbps PRo's

    Hi For CX3 Pro VPI 40G You might be interested in this posting. Have fun. RedX1
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    EU UK HP 764284-B2 - Mellanox CX3-Pro FCCT-QSFP-VPI

    Hi If you are looking for Mellanox CX3-Pro Cards for QSFP applications at a reasonable price this offer might attract your interest. HP Infiniband FDR 10GB/40GB 2-Port 544+QSFP Adapter HBA 764736-001 764284-B2 | eBay These are in fact a HP version of the ConnectX-3 Pro MCX354A-FCCT VPI Card...
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    EXPIRED Mellanox SX6036 36ports QSFP €150

    Hi Thanks so much for your instant answers and insight. I am in the UK and vendors with these switches are not easily found. I will return it for a refund. I am still on the look out for one of these. Thanks again. Redx!
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    EXPIRED Mellanox SX6036 36ports QSFP €150

    Hi I hope you might be able to help. Like many of you I became interested in these QSFP switches. I just received a SX6036 switch, the full depth version with 2 PSU. This Switch fails at a boot error and only displays the Red System Failure triangle. The console output consists of the...
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    Looking for 4 pin PWM+Tach silent fan

    Hi I have similar requirements for small quite fans. You might find this useful. Advanced Search | PRODUCTS | SANYO DENKI Have fun. RedX1
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    Heads-Up: Supermicro Unique IPMI Passwords

    Hi I just received a motherboard from Supermicro after upgrade with new VRM’s. It had this this new IPMI password feature. As well as the new scripts, I can confirm the resetting the password with Supermicro IPMIcfg. in DOS worked as normal. I could not reset the IPMI password using IPMItool...