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    WTB: 5 SSD (micron, intel, etc) 1-2TB, DWPD > 2.

    Hello! Want to buy 5 ssd (micron, intel, hgst(?) SATA/SAS 1-2TB with DWPD > 2 for 5 years and not heavy used. Please, send offers. Payment will be done via PayPal.
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    IBM M5110 and CVPM02: super capacitor doesn't work with latest firmware

    Hi, CVPM02 (this seller is thinking that it's BBU09) was bought here BBU09 for LSI 49571-03 9286 9286CV-8e 9285 9285CV-8e IBM M5110 M5016. M5110 was bought from the same seller. However, CVPM02 doesn't work on M5110 with latest firmware (23.33.0-0043). I had to flash all firmwares one by one...