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    NetApp 4486 for ~$280 shipped

    I didn't pull PSU's out when testing, just ran them unplugged. All fans on them run regardless if they are powered directly or not. I would say noise was the same with 2 or 4 PSUs powered.
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    Canada SOLD: GA-7PESH2 Desktop Workstation

    Hmm. Tempted... I'm over in Nanaimo but have lots of freight accounts
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    New Home Build Wiring Recommendations 2020 Edition

    I rewired my low voltage during home during a renovation 1.5 years ago. Here are my recommendations and discoveries after the fact; Cat6 wiring: Use boxes of Cat6a. Cost difference to cat5e is negligible and support for video and 10g over cat6a is superior. Cat6a terminates to keystones...
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    Brocade ICX Series (cheap & powerful 10gbE/40gbE switching)

    I made one but as others have mentioned it will not support the switch's weight. I have most of the weight sitting on a couple ears mounted under my desk from a print on thingiverse. Also the holes are slightly small for the screws into the switch. The screws will tap a thread in the print if...
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    Brocade ICX Series (cheap & powerful 10gbE/40gbE switching)

    To answer my own question yes it appears different models are stackable From Brocade stackable models
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    Brocade ICX Series (cheap & powerful 10gbE/40gbE switching)

    Anyone know if I can stack a 6610 and a 6450 together?
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    FreeNAS is becoming TrueNAS Core

    I think it comes down to how they split the features between core and the full version
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    NetApp 4486 for ~$280 shipped

    Just got a couple of these units finally. My unit has 2 IOM6's with 4 PSUs Unit all 4 PSU I get; 4.2 amps at initial startup 3.2 amps mid startup 1.4 amps idle 1.0 amps with only 1 PSU enabled Noise is very acceptable IMO. Let me know if you guys have any questions I can awnser
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    HP 649281-B21 ConnectX-3 VPI MCX354A-FCBT $25 shipped Ebay

    For those that need a full height bracket There is a 3d printed model available on thingiverse Full Height Bracket for QSFP PCIe Network Adapter (HP/Mellanox 649281-B21 Infiniband) by samuelpinches I printed a couple myself. Work fine but you'll need screws and nuts
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    NetApp 4486 for ~$280 shipped

    I'll measure when it shows up but I'm still 10 days out likely. (Shipping to Canada) You shouldn't need transposers unless you want to use SAS dual link on a SATA drive. Do you need the controller redundancy?
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    NetApp 4486 for ~$280 shipped

    I have one on the way. Bought from this seller. Going for $280 atm
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    Intel C202, C204, C206 Xeon E3 Bromolow Motherboards Thread

    Just to let people know... the X9SCM-F second nic is not supported in ESXi or Solaris 11 :(
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    Solaris 11 Express Wiki

    Good idea, let me know if you wanna move anything into your post. LSI 9240 (and others) Driver Installation Instructions include binding the driver properly and loading the driver before installation...
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    Best 2 TB drive around $80 for ZFS? (not-4k sector size)

    I think its worth mentioning... Just deal with 4k sectors now. Build your ZFS pool to support them now If in a year or two a drive needs to be replaced and no 512 sector drives are available your performance using a 4k sector drive will be terrible. Its better to create a 4k pool now...
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    Asus P8H67M-EVO and M1015

    If it helps anyone I've tested the M1015 (lsi 9240-8i) in a s775 Gigabyte P35 and a socket939 nf4-sli based motherboards and it will not work in either (Testing included testing 1x and 4x slots modified to accept the 8x card, using 16x pcie for the HBA and old pci gfx card, and the SLI...
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    Solaris Express 11 + ESXi + VTd

    Currently building a sandybridge E3-1230 based server with two LSI 9240-8i controllers. I'm trying to virtualize Solaris 11 while passing the 9240 controllers through via VTd. I'm having a hell of a time keeping it stable, mostly at boot time it will crash, dump then reboot. Drivers don't...
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    ESXi : Is PCI-Passthrough really designed for storage?

    Thanks everyone for your insights. I'm currently running my X9SCM w/2x M1015s at the moment. Thanks unclerunkle for your megaraid_sas fix. Ran into that issue myself. To expand with more info, with 'legacy bios' set I could run the two cards in slot 1 and 3 (counting from the top) only...
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    E3 Processor Retail Packing include HS+F?

    its about 1/2 in wide, standard spiral style thinner than I expected
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    E3 Processor Retail Packing include HS+F?

    Thanks for the confirmation gentlemen
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    E3 Processor Retail Packing include HS+F?

    Does the retail E3-12xx processors include a heatsink/fan in the box? I know traditionally Xeons do not.