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    OS X: Can't access napp-it SMB shares from Finder sidebar

    Hi Gea and others, I've had this problem ever since I first set up my All-in-one NAS (ESXi->OmniOS+napp-it) a few years ago. I have AFP turned off and only SMB on. The problem is I see the name of my napp-it server in the OS X Finder under "Shared". If I click on it it shows "Not Connected" in...
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    Dell SAS 6 IR Integrated -> LSI SAS3081E-R IR Firmware NVRAM issue

    Hi all, I always seem to go against the grain, and this looks to be yet another instance. I've read lots of posts about people wanting to flash IT firmware to their 1068e-based IR controllers, and I understand why. My situation's a little different though. I've got a Dell Precision T7500...