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    EU For sale Netgear XS508M 10GB switch

    Hello all, I have for sale an almost new Netgear XS508M multi gigabit 8 port switch. comes in the original box with rack mount kit and power cable. £300 delivered to UK
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    EU FS: DDR4 ECC Ram

    I have the following available..... 2* Micron MTA36ASF2G72PZ-2G1A2IJ PC4-2133P £40 each 1* Micron MTA36ASF2G72PZ-2G1A2IK PC4-2133P £40 1* Micron MTA18ASF2G72PZ-2G3B1II PC4-2400T £30 or £130 for the lot. Also a SABRENT Rocket Q 2TB (used but very new) open to...
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    Netgear XS508M problems

    Hello all, i am having problems with 10GB network speed through my XS508M switch. Main network link is as follows... Desktop PC: ASUS XG-C100C NIC 8m cat 7 cable Switch Netgear GS110MX 20m cat 7 cable Switch Netgear XS508M 2m Cat 7 cable Server Intel X540-T2 With this network listed above i...
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    DDA Passthrough for plex

    hi all, i am looking for a low power graphics card to pass through to a windows 10 virtual machine to use as a plex transcoder. System is windows server 2019- standard, to pass through using dda (lowest power possible or very quiet) won't do more than 5 streams at a time. Thanks
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    Server 2016 essentials connector

    just a heads up. you will need to uninstall and reinstall the connector software after the 2004 windows 10 update. the launchpad shows green, but if you check the dashboard the client is not connected. Chris
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    EU FS: Asus Rampage V Extreme, Xeon E5-2680 v3, 32gb RAM, nvme boot drive, Win 10 pro

    Hello all, I have for sale my old virtual machine server. Asus Rampage V Extreme/u3.1 X99 motherboard with all accessories (i think) memory channel B1 not working, but still quad channel ready) Xeon E5-2680v3 12 core/24 thread CPU 32GB DDR4 Ram 250gb nvme drive Windows 10 Pro installed £450 +...
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    nvme problems

    Hello all, System: Gigabyte: MD70-HB0 2* Intel E5-2620v3 (for testing) 4*16GB ECC RAM Crucial BX500 240gb SSD WD nvme 250gb Blue (in pcie-m.2 adapter) I am having problems with the nvme drive. Sometimes it shows in the BIOS, i have even had windows installed and running from it. but then...
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    EU WTD DDR4 RAM 4x 16gb and or case

    Hi all I am looking for 4x 16gb DDR4 ECC ram having got this Gigabyte Motherboard MD70-HB0 Also looking for a case (tower pref) to hold...
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    Hi all, what do we all use as security on our servers? I have server 2016 essentials with Symantec endpoint due to run out in 6 months and am starting to think about replacement or renewal. also have 10 windows pc's/virtual machines. Chris
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    Client backup

    Hi all, i have windows server 2016 essentials backing up a number of clients. I have just got a surface laptop which has joined the server fine but fails backup at 1%. Any ideas? Chris