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    Selling my intel V2 lab parts

    ccoo9337 | eBay i also have a bunch of 16 and 32gb ddr3 reg/ecc memory modules not listed yet.
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    ESXi6.5U1 and LSI 9361-8i Dropping Storage

    I have several servers based on v2 and v4 xeons with LSI 9361-8i raid pools. It seems like randomly i have storage issues with different pools. i have not been able to isolate it to a certain driver or hardware configuration. Is anyone else having a storage issue in esxi6.5u1 or with the lsi...
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    ES CPUs and Supermicro Motherboards

    Does anyone know if there is an issue with current Supermicro motherboards and engineering sample CPUs? I have been considering an upgrade from my Intel E5 2670 system to v4 and DDR4. I have heard some users have issues with the cheaper CPUs. Currently looking at a configuration like this...
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    Open Computer or another idea

    I saw this on ebay and a recent chassis for cheap. I was thinking this was liek the open compute idea but i love ILO and know its on the HCL for hyper-v and esxi. Any ideas of the power adapter required to run this board like for the open compute hack with an hp power supply? HP SL230 SL250...