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    Solaris Express 11 + ESXi + VTd

    Currently building a sandybridge E3-1230 based server with two LSI 9240-8i controllers. I'm trying to virtualize Solaris 11 while passing the 9240 controllers through via VTd. I'm having a hell of a time keeping it stable, mostly at boot time it will crash, dump then reboot. Drivers don't...
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    E3 Processor Retail Packing include HS+F?

    Does the retail E3-12xx processors include a heatsink/fan in the box? I know traditionally Xeons do not.
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    ESXi : Is PCI-Passthrough really designed for storage?

    Has anyone had experience passing through a large amount of storage through ESXi? I am contemplating the following scenario for my upcoming build... Supermicro x9scm 4 IBM M1015 SAS controllers (SAS2008) 24+hdds in ZFS under either opensolaris or freebsd Is passing through the storage...