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    Replacing PWS-721-R1 Power Supply Fan with a Silent One?

    Hi, Don't know if anyone would know, but is it possible to replace the PWS-721-R1 PSU (in a supermicro case & mobo) with a quieter one? I've attempted shoring pin 17 and it does not seem to be working, so looking to get a quieter fan... but I am not sure if the power supply will allow that - or...
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    Best Storage Controller for BPN-SAS-216A

    I'm planning on using hdd's. That are SATA-3. System board is Supermicro X8DAH+-F Which is only PCIe 2.0 Also, I only need software raid (dont need the extra performance of hardware raid). Will be running win10 straight on top of the box, no virtulization. If you need anymore info, just lmk...
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    Best Storage Controller for BPN-SAS-216A

    Hi, I have just got a SuperChassis 216A-R900LPB, with the BPN-SAS-216A backplane, and I need to get a storage controller for said chassis & backplane. I am looking for suggestions for raid cards, never had to get a raid card for a server, so Idk what exactly to get. The chassis is 24 bay, but...