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    LSI2308 on X9SRH-7F

    LSI2308 on X9SRH-7TF Hoping someone has an answer to this. If I flash the on board 2308 with IT mode, could I then use a reverse breakout cable to connect the HBA to an external converter/adapter for use with an external SAS tape drive? I have an LSI9207 4i4e HBA but I'd like to use the...
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    New Supermicro build help.

    New Supermicro build Howdy folks, New to your club here but a long time lurker and big time fellow geek. Need to upgrade my small Lian Li case due to heat build up issues. I was looking at the Supermicro (SM) SC747 chassis along with the X9SRH-7TF MB. It seems however that that chassis...