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  1. _Adrian_

    ROG Dominus Extreme

    Anyone else waiting for more info on this board ?? ROG Dominus Extreme | Motherboards | ASUS Canada
  2. _Adrian_

    FS: Top Spin 120 / Cisco SFS7000 Infiniband Switch

    I bought one for a setup that i now no longer persuading and its just collecting dust. Single power supply and beauty cover missing, other than that I will have the passwords reset to their factory so the next owner wont rip their hair out trying to "hack" into it... Paid $500 now selling for...
  3. _Adrian_

    Fs: Fc san

    Hey guys... Went to DAS ( Direct Attached Storage ) and this is just sitting around gathering dust... MSA30 SCSI U320 drive shelf w/ 14 drive caddies ( no drives included, but available on ebay sometimes in lots ) MSA1500 Loaded ( Dual Controller, Dual FC Modules, Dual SCSI Modules, Dual...