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    [FS] [US-VA] 3x PX04SVB160 - Toshiba 1.6TB SSD SAS3

    Selling 10x 3x (or 5) Toshiba 1.6TB SSD SAS3 PX04SVB160 in HP g9/g10 sleds. (Keeping 10x). Solid drives haven't had any issues.. $220/ea or best offer with quantity... Located in Ashburn, VA Also got a pair of 30amp 110v APC MOA's - zeroU - Don't know model - but just saving from trash if...
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    SOLD [FS] [NoVA] 1x 3u SM JBOD (16x 3.5) w/18 4tb HGST Drives

    Decided to get rid of one of my SuperMicro JBOD trays. Its 3u with sas2 backplane with built in expander so only one SAS cable is needed. This has the SM jbod card already installed. Also including 18x HGST (more if I can find them) 4tb. Had been using this as a scratch array.. running raidz3...
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    [SOLD][FS] [NoVA] 5x 7.68 D4502 NVME, 3x Optane 900P 280GB

    ALL SOLD My lab project has finished and my 3x server cluster has sold. So now come the hard drives. **HPE NVME DRIVE SLEDS NOT INCLUDED** I have the following 9x 7x 5x Intel SSD DC D4502 7.68TB NVME (DELL/EMC Branded) - $650/ea 6x 3x Intel Optane SSD 900P U.2 Interface + oem BOX - NO game...
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    [Feeler] [US-VA] 3x HP DL325, Epyc 24 core 7402p

    Hey Guys, Thinking about going in a different direction - Have 3x HP DL325 7402p with 64GB ram. These are setup for 10x NVME drives. (Has the additional 2x NVME sled, all HP cabling and all the performance fans.) - can also include the original 8x drive SAS3 backplane, cables, raid controller...
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    SOLD [FS] [US-VA] 24x 480GB Samsung SSD

    I've got 24x Samsung 480GB SSD, 2.5" SATA6.0Gbps, MZ-7WD480N/003 / MZ7WD480HCGM-000003. All 90%+ life left. $1000/lot + shipping. I do have SM trays and a SM JBOD tray if interested.
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    [FS] [US-VA] 3008-8E & 9400-16i

    LSI SAS 9400-16i SATA/SAS HBA Short bracket - $220 shipped LSI SAS 9300-8e 8-port 12Gb/s SATA+SAS PCI-E 3.0 Host Bus Adapter OEM - $75 shipped.
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    [FS] [US-VA] - SOLD 24-Bay with 4x NVME & 2 rear SFF

    This is my old storage server. I have parted a little of it but remains mostly intact. 1x - 2028R-ACR24H Chassis --This has 24x sata3/sas3 ports, with the last 4 as hybrid/ NVME - BPN-SAS3-216A-N4 Mobo - X9DRH-ITF -2x 2670 CPU (I think they are v2) -256GB Ram. (16x16GB) 2x- PWS-920p-SQ (the...
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    VSAN 3Node - Real numbers?

    What are realistic read/write numbers from VSAN? I know this is a *big* it depends. My setup 3x HP DL325 7402P 64GB - each host with 1x NVME 1725b, namespace split into 5 (600GB cache, 590GB Capacity) LINK - VMware vSAN + NVMe namespace magic: Split 1 SSD into 24 devices for great storage...
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    [FS] [US-VA] 21x PX04SVB160 - Toshiba 1.6TB SSD SAS3

    Design changed for me again - Selling 21x SAS3 Toshiba 1.6TB SSD - PX04SVB160. Had 21x in RAIDz3 +1 Spare in my NAS -> Attempting a VSAN migration. These are for SAS3, they are already in SM chassis. (I will be selling SM chassis soon too - its got the 2x 2.5" on rear with 24x SFF and 4x NVMe...
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    [FS] [US-VA] 3x DL20 1270v5 4SFF 64GB H240

    Upgraded my ESXi cluster - so selling my old one. Have 3x HP DL20 G9 1270V5, 64GB RAM(4x16) and 1x PSU (can take 2). Had these running as compute nodes using shared NAS datastore. I would've kept these if not for my need for NVMe speed and new adventures with VSAN. These seem to average about...
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    [FS][US-VA] 24x SM JBOD with 30x Hitachi 4TB SATA

    Downsizing/Consolidating. Model Family: Hitachi/HGST Ultrastar 7K4000 Device Model: Hitachi HUS724040ALE640 SuperMicro 4U 24x JBOD with 3.5" with 30x Hitachi 4TB SATA3 (ATA HGST HUS724040AL). Currently running as 4x6raidz2 . (including at least 6x Spares, maybe more if I can find)...
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    (US-VA) FS: NVME Controller & Drives

    Going in a different direction for my storage solution.. (these were in my SM chassis with 4x NVME slots built in - will be selling that shortly) - Will list these for weekend before heading to Ebay. I'll sell entire lot for 1k and include the card to back-plane cables. 2x SuperMicro...
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    FS - 2x HP DL380 G9 - 2x E5-2640 v3 , 64gb - P440ar

    ASHBURN, VA - 20148 I have a pair of HPE DL380 G9 servers WITH rail kits (non ball bearing). Each have 2x E5-2640 v3 CPU's 64gb HP Branded RAM onboard P440AR controller with battery. This has the 8x 2.5" drive bay. HP Ethernet 10Gb 2-port 557SFP+ Adapter 1x 500watt HP PSU (will take 2x.)...
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    FS - LSI NVME CABLE(s) for Tri-mode HBA

    These are the cables needed to get NVME backplanes to work with LSI 9400 tri-mode HBA's. Each cable is for 2x NVME SFF-8643 to 2X SFF-8643. Regular SFF-8643 to SFF-8643 cables DO NOT work with LSI 9400-16i. P/N# 05-50061-00 1m 2 SFF-8643 to 2 SFF-8643 NVMe Cable - 05-50061-00 I intended...
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    SOLD : [NoVA] 3x LSI SAS9340-8i M1215 - 12Gbps SAS HBA

    I've got 3x LSI SAS9340-8i ServeRAID M1215 12Gbps SAS HBA. Flashed the most recent IT firmware/bios about a month ago. Used these for a few months in my FreeNAS while testing. These have the half height bracket - I'm sure I have the full heights around here somwhere too Only difference for...
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    FS: [NoVA] SM CSE-216 JBOD with 24x Intel s3700 400gb SSD

    Upgraded my lab - so I'm parting with a SuperMicro CSE-216 chassis (with EL1 backplane) + Rails & PSU's with the SuperMicro JBOD board. Wanting $1500 - thats $62.50 drive (But thats with chassis/PSU's/JBOD board.)- thats 250 alone - so its really close to $52/drive. - . Another $100 - I'll...
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    [FS][US-VA] SOLD - 216-9 barebone W/ X9DRH-7TF

    **PENDING SALE** Bought this on ebay last week and got it today - ended up having wrong backplane for my project. (needed sas3) Supermicro 2u 216-9 with X9DRH-7TF + heatsinsk (no cpu/ram) + dual PWD-920P-SQ PSU's.- will include a rack mount kit if wanted. $250 - Plus shipping (around $50ish) -...
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    [FS][US-VA] HP D3700 SAS3 Tray w/24x Intel 400GB SSD

    Selling an SSD tray from my lab. This is a HP d3700 tray with 24x Intel SSD DC S3700 400GB drives. I actually have rails for the Disk tray. Tray has 25x 2.5" hot swap bays. 1x HPE D3700 SAS3 with both I/O Modules and rail kit. 24x Intel SSD DC S3700 400GB - G62040-203 24x HP 2.5" hot swap disk...
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    [FS][US-VA] OCZ Z-Drive R4 RM88 3.2TB - PCIE 2.0 8x

    I have a few of these PCIE cards left - OCZ Z-Drive R4 RM88 3.2TB MLC P/N: ZDRRM88-FH-3.2T PCIE 2.0 8x Cards are full size and won't fit into my short depth servers. These have 2000+ days of uptime, 70%+ Health remaining, 1.5PB lifetime writes. Card is rated for 80PB lifetime writes. $450...
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    [FS][US-VA] 3U CSE-836 complete minus drives

    Recently decommissioned a cluster and have a number of these I'd like to get out of my garage. -SuperMicro CSE-836 Chassis WITH Rail kit -16x Drive Trays/Sleds (No drives) -2x PWS-920P-SQ - PSU -1x X9DRH-iTF - Motherboard -2x Xeon E5-2670 (Installed with heat sinks) - CPU's -16x 16GB Dims...