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  1. traderjay

    Canada WTB Dual Socket EPYC motherboard with Rome support

    I need a dual socket epyc board to complete my build and hope one of you have a board to spare!
  2. traderjay

    Can the H11DSi fit two Dark Rock Pro TR4 heatsink...

    I am preparing the build of a dual CPU EPYC Rig and the only motherboard choice is the H11DSi...I am wondering if the board will have spacing issues with two dark rock pro heatsink - be quiet! I currently have the single socket EPYC board with one Dark Rock Pro.. will probably have to look and...
  3. traderjay

    Canada WTB - 6TB+ Workstation/Server SATA drives

    Anyone here has good drives on sale? Would like to get them for backup and store my huge 8K Raw video files.
  4. traderjay

    Payback is a B**** for Intel - 7nm process is so broken its not even funny...

    Time to pop some champagne - first I sold my Dual XEON platinum rig using the ancient process for more $$ than I paid over a year ago...which allowed me to fully fund my EPYC 64 core ROME rig. Second, Intel 7 nm process is so broken beyond repair.... when AMD launches Milan...thats when the...
  5. traderjay

    Canada FS: ASUS Rog Strix RTX 2080 Ti o11g gaming GPUs 3 pieces

    Up for sale are my RTX 2080 Tis. One has its original box and the two other GPUs are card only. All GPUs are less than one year old and used in video editing workstations with very good cooling and never overclocked. PRICE - USD$1350 Shipping to Canada and USA is USD$35. Please contact me for...
  6. traderjay

    My fully portable AMD Ryzen 3950X Workstation Build Complete

    I waited for a long time for a case with a decent integrated handle in form factor that is convenient to carry to and from work, while enjoying some epic gaming sessions in between. The Rzyen 3950X doesn't disappoint. Full specs: CPU: Ryzen 3950X Motherboard: ASUS Crosshair VIII Impact...
  7. traderjay

    Anything I can do to "tweak" or further optimize my EPYC rig?

    Is there any BIOS or windows settings that I can "tweak" to further improve my EPYC 7702 performance? On a consumer level board such as the 3950x there are tons of options to tweak and sometimes you set 15%+ improvement in performance, anything similar for the EPYC system?
  8. traderjay

    Intel says the industry should switch from "benchmarks to the benefits" of tech

    This is what you get when you have CFO doing a CEO's job at a tech company. Says it all about intel's 4th and 5th gen XEON parts as well, they will be smoked by AMD. Maybe intel can compete based on the number of +++++ at the...
  9. traderjay

    My new 64 core EPYC workstation ROARS to life!

    With enough cores and flops for the entire family and more to spare Build was almost derailed becuase lack of EPYC compatible CPU cooler in Toronto Canada....found the ONLY one in all of Ontario on Friday....Everything housed in a Lian-Li PCV-2120x case that I bought in 2013 which will last...
  10. traderjay

    The EPYC 7702 Demolishes my Dual XEON platinum rig ...not even close

    Man...i am still in awe by the hash rate from the 7702 running 8x8GB of DDR4 PC2400 ECC RAM... I am getting close to 43000 H/sec while mining monero which is more than 2X what I am getting my Dual XEON platinum 28 cores... that old rig can only hit maybe 21000 H/sec which consuming 350W++ in power.
  11. traderjay

    Old LSI PCIE Gen 2 SAS Raid controller not compatible with Supermicro EPYC platform?

    I just finished setting up an EPYC 7702 rig with the H11SSL-i board. Everything went smoothly but I had to remove the LSI SAS controller (9266-8i) or else windows will not install (BSOD). After a successful windows installation I plugged the card back in and the same BSOD appeared...
  12. traderjay

    H11SSL-i Windows 10 Pro does not boot with LSI SAS controller...bios setting?

    I just finished setting up an EPYC 7702 rig with the H11SSL-i board. Everything went smoothly but I had to remove the LSI SAS controller (9266-8i) or else windows will not install (BSOD). After a successful windows installation I plugged the card back in and the same BSOD appeared...
  13. traderjay

    Canada WTB: EPYC second generation ATX motherboard single socket

    Anyone has a standard ATX single socket EPYC motherboard for sale? I need one soon for my EPYC 7702 purchased from a fellow STH member :)
  14. traderjay

    64 core epyc 7702 with ddr4 2400 ram - how much performance hit?

    I know sth did an analysis of slow ram with first gen epyc but what about rome? I have 8x8gb of ddr4 pc 2400 ecc and wondering how performance penalty i am looking at.
  15. traderjay

    Supermicro H11 vs H12 EPYC Boards...what is the difference?

    Is the key differentiator the PCIE Gen 4 vs Gen 3? If i really need a board for EPYC Rome 64 core now is H11 the best choice in the market?
  16. traderjay

    ATX motherboard for EPYC 7702 - Supermicro H11 or H12?

    I am building an EPYC 7702 rig and I am wondering what motherboard options is available in ATX form factor... is the supermicro H11 the only option? I see on their website that the H12 is coming out soon as well...
  17. traderjay

    Canada FS: Crucial DDR4 ECC PC 2133 RAM CT8G4RFS4213.18FA2 (6X8GB) Kit

    Asking for USD$150 with $15 shipping. Just decommissioned from my XEON platinum workstation.
  18. traderjay

    Canada FS: Dual & Single Intel XEON Platinum P-8136 (28 cores) workstation for sale with FREE SHIPPING.

    Hi All - I am selling the following: Dual Platinum XEON P-8136 workstation: 2X XEON Platinum P-8136 OEM CPUs (28 core x 2) Supermicro X11DPH-i motherboard 2X NH-U12S DX-3647 heatsink Note: Scratches on the CPU heatspreader and PCB Price: USD$2950 with FREE SHIPPING! SOLD Single Platinum XEON...
  19. traderjay

    Where is the search feature?

    Hey folks - hope everyone is staying safe! Where did the search feature go?
  20. traderjay

    Any ML/AI Benchmark I can help you guys run?

    I have a single and dual XEON Platinum 28 core rig and if you guys want to me run some benchmarks, I'll be more than happy to help! I don't have a programming background so if the benchmark is in EXE format that will be the best