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    Building a Proxmox VE Lab Part 2 Deploying

    These practical tutorials are very nice :) My setup is similar, in that it has three nodes, but instead of GlusterFS I use Ceph RBD and CephFS.
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    Lightmatter Mars SoC AI Inference Using Light

    Now this is something extremely interesting! We've all seen it: electronics like this, electronics like that, electronics with these gates and with those gates, with a rainbow and a unicorn... ... but THIS is something completely new in terms of an actual implementation! I studied physics in...
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    eBay GSP in summer 2020

    @Dreecy: That is a fair criticism of the program, since it is true :) In my particular case, though, I trade latency for variance: Swiss customs can be very jittery in their processing latency, and that I shave off by paying a bit more in terms of latency.
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    eBay GSP in summer 2020

    FWIW: I choose offers with Global Shipping a lot from Switzerland, because that way you pay everything, including VAT, beforehand, and customs clearing goes a lot faster. It would be a shame if that went away.
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    I can sleep again ... Noctua NH-L9x65 in Supermicro SC216

    Does anyone have a suggestion for a 1151-based CPU?
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    Sabrent EC-TFNB EC-NVME and EC-WPNE M.2 NVMe to USB Type-C Review

    I use a similar enclosure to connect an M.2 to my Raspberry Pi 4B; that is a lot faster and more reliable than using its internal uSD card.
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    If you're going for 4 nodes, you may actually consider going for 5 nodes. The reason being N+1 vs N+2 resilience: The cluster (the same goes for Ceph, should you decide to run it on there) requires a _majority_ of members to be up to run properly. In other words: th quorum is the next integer...
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    FYI: Western Digital admits 2TB-6TB WD Red NAS drives use shingled magnetic recording

    In bird culture, we call that... Well, anyway. I seem to have dodged to bullet (6 EFRX'en here). There is nothing wrong with SMR drives as such. In fact, once host-based SMR becomes a thing, and ZFS on Linux has support for them, they will make for great drives. Not knowing that you drive is...
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    pfSense 2.4.5 Released and Big Changes Coming

    I don't quite remember the setup for that, but if you wish, I can send you some pfSense config examples. As for its use: I use this setup to BitTorrent Linux ISO images from a country that does not care very much about the use of BitTorrent, in order to do my part in building the FOSS...
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    pfSense 2.4.5 Released and Big Changes Coming

    I did a command line upgrade on my pfSense VM that routes a local subnet through NordVPN, and that worked just fine.
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    Ubiquiti UniFi USW-Leaf Overview 48x 25GbE and 6x 100GbE Switch

    What an absolute beast of a switch! Smeagol: I don't need this. Gollum: My Precious! Smeagol:No, I really cannot justify this. Gollum: (opens retail website): CHOLLUM! The struggle is real ;)
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    EU UK - SUPERMICRO MBD-X11SSH-F-B LGA1151 socket H

    Meh, I just grabbed one for €160 just yesterday. Still not a bad price, but this would have been better.
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    Microchip SyncServer S600 Administering Time for SC19

    Interesting! For DIY stuff, I have played with a Garmin 18x and reasonable modern Intel NICs (with hardware time stamping support), and when using PTP (IEEE 1588v2), ~3 us jitter is very possible on the cheap. That is: 3 servers, with either X520 or X710 cards, a switch in between (which itself...
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    cheap Supermicro 836 chassis $135+S&H

    Thanks for the hint! I just managed to snatch a 836 for EUR 145 . I'll throw out the X8 fossil that in in there, and I'll probably have to drop 50 quid on a decent SQ power supply. I'm a happy camper now :-D
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    Unifi US-24-250W vs USW-24-POE - Worth the wait?

    I am currently in the market for a 16 to 24 port POE switch, and since I have Unifi in the home, I'll use that. I'm in Europe, and I can get the US-24-250W right away, or wait a month until the newer USW-24-POE (Gen 2) arrives on the market. Do any of you in the US have experience with both...
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    Intel Xeon E-2288G Review 8 Cores and 5GHz in the Entry Segment

    I've been looking into upgrading the oldest server in my 3-member cluster for a while now (a Haswell E3). I'd like to use a Xeon E-2200 series on a Supermicro X11-SC*-F board. Will that even work? Supermicro is somewhat vague on the issue and officially supports the 2200 series on the...
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    NVIDIA Quadro P620 Low Profile, Low Power Graphics Card Review

    This being a Quadro, does that mean that it can be used to accelerate virtual desktops?
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    Proxmox VE 6.0 Released New ZFS and Ceph Improvements

    They are; I particularly like the dynamic pg-num management. The upgrade instructions on the Proxmox site regarding Ceph are good, too. There is an important ordering of events, and if you stick to that you're fine. The one single upgrade "problem" I found occurs when you run hyperconverged...
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    One big home server or several small ones?

    I have three, all fairly low power, that form a Proxmox VE HA cluster. I love being able to migrate VMs around (live), and being able to reboot physical machines without having to take down any services. One of the nodes is a bit larger, since it hold the less-than-essential-but-large movie...
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    Disable proxmox host ipv6 dhcp on WAN port

    I don't know about DHCPv6, but I had such problems with SLAAC; editing /etc/sysctl.conf and enabling IPv6 forwarding (the comment there says something about SLAAC did the trick. I use that in VMs with a single interface, where I don't want them to have a v6 address. YMMV.