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  1. traderjay

    Canada WTB Dual Socket EPYC motherboard with Rome support

    I need a dual socket epyc board to complete my build and hope one of you have a board to spare!
  2. traderjay

    Can the H11DSi fit two Dark Rock Pro TR4 heatsink...

    I am preparing the build of a dual CPU EPYC Rig and the only motherboard choice is the H11DSi...I am wondering if the board will have spacing issues with two dark rock pro heatsink - be quiet! I currently have the single socket EPYC board with one Dark Rock Pro.. will probably have to look and...
  3. traderjay

    FS: 12TB HGST SATA (cold spare) + Bonus

    Is this still available?
  4. traderjay

    Canada WTB - 6TB+ Workstation/Server SATA drives

    Anyone here has good drives on sale? Would like to get them for backup and store my huge 8K Raw video files.
  5. traderjay

    Dual AMD EPYC 7742 workstation build

    I currently use the dark rock pro 4 TR edition for the my EPYC 7702 and it is VERY VERY quiet with no ram clearance issues.
  6. traderjay

    Payback is a B**** for Intel - 7nm process is so broken its not even funny...

    Of course they cannot sustain an all out price war with AMD. Over the years, they got comfortable charging insane prices to pad their exec compensation and share buybacks, plus sustaining a very bloated organization. Their gross margin is already shrinking as a result of the price war. AMD over...
  7. traderjay

    Payback is a B**** for Intel - 7nm process is so broken its not even funny...

    Time to pop some champagne - first I sold my Dual XEON platinum rig using the ancient process for more $$ than I paid over a year ago...which allowed me to fully fund my EPYC 64 core ROME rig. Second, Intel 7 nm process is so broken beyond repair.... when AMD launches Milan...thats when the...
  8. traderjay

    64 Cores of EPYC Goodness

    make sure you provide some airflow to the RAM.
  9. traderjay

    Canada FS: ASUS Rog Strix RTX 2080 Ti o11g gaming GPUs 3 pieces

    Up for sale are my RTX 2080 Tis. One has its original box and the two other GPUs are card only. All GPUs are less than one year old and used in video editing workstations with very good cooling and never overclocked. PRICE - USD$1350 Shipping to Canada and USA is USD$35. Please contact me for...
  10. traderjay

    64 Cores of EPYC Goodness

    Sorry I just saw this. You need to download the windows version here - ipmiutil - IPMI Management Utilities Unzip it to a folder on lets say C drive root directory and use command line. So lets say you create a folder on C drive: C:ipmi you need to do the following when running command prompt...
  11. traderjay

    64 Cores of EPYC Goodness

    thanks for the update, so you are missing two more sticks? Please update the benchmarks when you get all the channels populated. Your CPU mark should be higher than mine when all channels are populated. My score is 70352 with 8X8GB PC2400 DDR4 ECC
  12. traderjay

    Finally: Overclocking EPYC Rome ES

    Can you overclock retail Rome chips?
  13. traderjay

    My fully portable AMD Ryzen 3950X Workstation Build Complete

    Ah ok - too big of a download but there are plenty of benchmarks out there for the 3950x with the same demo.
  14. traderjay

    My fully portable AMD Ryzen 3950X Workstation Build Complete

    Where can I download the gooseberry render? All i found is a bunch of files for blender. For Cinebench R20 I get 9345. Below is my passmark: Here is the EPYC 7702 Numbers for comparisons:
  15. traderjay

    My fully portable AMD Ryzen 3950X Workstation Build Complete

    I waited for a long time for a case with a decent integrated handle in form factor that is convenient to carry to and from work, while enjoying some epic gaming sessions in between. The Rzyen 3950X doesn't disappoint. Full specs: CPU: Ryzen 3950X Motherboard: ASUS Crosshair VIII Impact...
  16. traderjay

    ASUS Z10PA-D8 - Dual Socket 2011-3

    Good memories from the past! My first dual cpu rig is based on the asus dual socket board. Very similar to this but it has 8 ram slots per cpu. At that time I was rocking dual 2696v4 and thought I was the king haha
  17. traderjay

    Anything I can do to "tweak" or further optimize my EPYC rig?

    2.33GHZ when doing monero mining because I think the latest version uses AVX. CPU temp is 55 to 60C, VRM temp under 60C