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    Found Xeon LGA 1366 4U active cooler for supermicro

    I am looking for a cooler such as the SNK-P0040AP4 or SNK-P0035AP4.
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    Found - WTB SATA M.2 drive 2280

    I need one for a dell/wyse thin client. I would prefer something between 250gb and 1tb. Please let me know what you have...
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    SOLD: Two Dell 3050 USFF computers

    See Upgrading My Dell Inspiron Micro 3050 Desktop for lots of details about these computers. They use the intel celeron J1800 2.41-2.58 ghz Max memory is 8gb (one stick of sodimm ddr3). One currently has 4gb and the other has 8gb. They come with a 32gb sata m2 drive, which I removed as it is...
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    WTB: RJ-45 ethernet switch 2.5gigabit or faster, minimum 4 ports

    I am in the market for a passively cooled ethernet switch that has at least 4 ports at 2.5 gigabit or faster. I can get a QNAP QSW-1105-5T which has 5 ports for about $100, so I would like to find something with either more capability or cheaper. The Mikro Tik CRS305-1G-4S+IN is interesting...
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    WTB two Supermicro x8tdl i/o shields

    Not the 1U type, but the type for bigger cases with the snap in place perimeter. this is a pretty generic i/o shield. Supermicro says " Compatible With Various X7, H8, X8, X9, and X10 Motherboards"
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    WTB SATA M.2 drive - found

    I just bought a Wyse 5070 and I need a SATA M.2 drive for it. 60 or 80mm long.
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    Supermicro 2U server, 12 sata hot swap racks - parting out

    I have an old supermicro server. It has a X7DB3 motherboard, with 2 processors, and 8 sticks of ram. It powers up, but I can't get any video from the VGA port. It has 2 800w hot swap power supplies. I pulled one of the sticks of ram and it was a 512mb micro ram. There is a 2 port ethernet card...
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    WTB supermicro 3.5" SATA hot swap racks CSE-M35

    I want to buy two racks in decent condition.
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    WTB Quadro P620 or Quadro P1000

    I would prefer full height brackets. Need mini DP to DP adapters.
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    FS - Heatsinks for EPYC & Xeon E5, DDR3, and UPS

    HEATSINKS I have a never used HPE EPYC 1U cooler $20 plus shipping - SOLD I have a never used Intel STS 100C, which is an active cooled heatsink for socket LGA 1366 $15 plus shipping - SOLD NETWORKING Cisco Meraki MR18 Dual-Band Cloud-Managed Wireless Network Access Point The license has...
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    Problem booting to USB stick with supermicro H11SSL

    I have a supermicro H11SSL v2 with bios 2.0a. I have a 16 core EPYC rome processor as 128gb of ram. I have a known good usb stick to boot windows 10 and a known good usb stick to boot mageia 7 (linux)/ Both flash drives have installed on legacy bios systems ans UEFI systems. I have tried quite...
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    AMD EPYC Rome CPU via HPE 'upgrade' very cheap

    DL325 GEN10 AMD Epyc 7262 Upgkit (8 core) $417.74 DL325 GEN10 AMD Epyc 7302P Upgkit (16 core) $607.74 DL325 GEN10 AMD Epyc 7402P Upgkit (24 core) $1033.07 I bought the 7302P for $607.74, and a supermicro motherboard H11SSLI v2 for $347.57 (both from Provantage). My motherboard has arrived...
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    WTB 64-128gb of DDR4 ECC memory

    I have a new epyc rome in a supermicro H11SSL motherboard. I am looking for a total of 64-128 gb of memory for it. Reasonably flexible about the number of sticks and memory speed. Supported speed for mb is 2666-3200. Any suggestions?
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    FS: 8gb and 16gb DDR3L ECC registered memory

    I have 3 sticks of memory for sale. All of this is DDR3L,1.35v which is typically used in xeon servers. It will not work in standard pc's that need 1.5v memory. I have not personally tested this memory. 2 sticks are kingston, which comes with a lifetime guarantee from kingston. The other stick...
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    WTB: DDR3 ECC Unbuffered 8-32gb

    I am in the market for some DDR3 ECC unbuffered memory. I would like 8-32gb total memory, and would prefer 4gb or 8gb sticks. I am not very fussy about speed, but I would prefer 1333mhz. I have a new fileserver I am putting together with an AMD cpu and asus mb. Please let me know what you have...
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    Rosewill Quark 550w - $34 after MIR, 750w - $60 after MIR flash sale. The quark line is 80+ platinum, fully modular, and has a 5 year warranty. The biggest downside is the temperature rating is 40C. The downside to the 550w power supply is the case is not as compact as possible because it has a 135mm fan, but the size is acceptable. I...
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    Several APC Smart UPS - most need batteries - los angeles

    Local pickup in Los Angeles CA only. I was told these were all working pulls, but I have only tested one SUA 2200 and the two 3000 VA units. I have two SUA 2200's. Thses are tower style UPSs,not rack mount. One powered up for a bit, but the batteries were dying. The other one had dead...
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    Wanted: AMD Phenom II AM3 low power processors

    I am in the market for two AM3 processors. The ones I am interested in are: AMD Phenom II X4 910e AMD Phenom II Xx6 (1035t, 1045t, 1055t, 1065t) thanks in advance