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    Anyone know how I can change my username?

    Anyone know how I can change my username?
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    U-NAS NSC-800, E3-1230v3, E3C224D4I, 2xSSD

    I would love this board, but where can I get a 12 bay hot swap case?
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    Asrock C226 ITX soon

    I can't wait for the reviews and the UK release so I can finally upgrade my NAS box to a low powered home server!
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    New home NAS and Hypervisor setup

    Sounds great! I'm in the exact same process as you. Shed loads of IT gear to sell as well
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    Asrock C226 ITX soon

    Wish this was available in the UK already
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    50+TB NAS Build, vSphere Cluster and Network Overhaul

    Hi Sir, Your 24 bay NAS what is it's power usage?
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    Possible Upgrade?

    Thank you for your reply :) What hardware specifications would you use?
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    Possible Upgrade?

    The v2 does not wot properly with three M1050's from lots of reports that I have read
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    Possible Upgrade?

    Hi, I am a brand new member, so "hello everyone". This is my current setup: 12Tb File Server: Fractal Design Array R2, Intel D510MO / D510 Intel MN10, 4Gb DDR2 800Mhz. This server runs UnRAID. I love my setup mainly due to it's extremely low powered! But file transfers are...