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    Amazon AWS EC2 Mac Mini Powered MacOS Instances Launched

    Yes, apple is selling products that consists of hard- and software. Decoupling the software from the hardware would hurt the brand.
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    LSI SAS3008 HBA high temperature ?

    This is the max. ambient temperature. The asic/cpu can get up to 80-90°C before sensors and alarms goes off.
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    EU WTB: Superdom (satadom?)

    Why? Satadoms are great, you don't lose high performance pcie lanes for a boot device, don't take up two hotswap bays and still benefit from the random io performance of a ssd.
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    Mellanox ConnectX-3 40GbE QSFP breakout cable to 4 SFP ports on 10GbE switch?

    I had a similar experience with conect-x3 nics, I think it's because the nic firmware doesn't know the "new" specifications for 25/50/100GBE transceivers in dacs/aocs/optical modules.
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    Inserting 2.5" SAS disk drive on a 3.5" caddy

    +1 for the toolless adapters MCP-220-00118-0B from supermicro:
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    [SOLVED] Intel S3700 400GB, 300GB Usable

    Which os? Did you check for partitions/volumes on the device?
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    Supermicro NAS Upgrade

    About 836 vs 846: I have a 836 and a 846 and if I get another chassis it will be a 846 again because it's "stoage density" is better (24 devices/4u vs 16 devices/3u). Another point for the 846: there are more (sas2 AND sas3) expanders available on ebay than for the 836. Edit: "A" (sas multilane...
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    New Microchip Microsemi Adaptec SmartRAID 3162-8i RAID Adapters

    Firmware v3.21 + driver v106.190.4.1062 + maxview v3.06.23821 can't handle any storage configuration in windows or pcie changes (adding/removing or moving pcie devices to another slot); the logical drives will disappear and only show up after saving the configuration in the bios. I can...
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    Whether expanding or replacing Lab

    Not sure if you consider a single socket comparable: I am running windows 10 pro for workstations on a x10sra with a xeon 1630v4, 64GByte ram and a 1080ti (got it for free :P) and play occasionally fps (doom/doom eternal, csgo and the wolfenstein games). So far no differences to a consumer system :D
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    ~2.6M iops on a single core at QD128 with optane and io_uring (linux)

    2.58M x 512 Bytes = ~1.23 GByte/s, that's really impressive for a non nvdimm blockdevice. I'm curios what numbers are possible with random writes. (I was kinda disappointed of first gen optane nvdimms & First Optane Performance tests show benefits and limits...
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    Supermicro 4U Jbod connector

    It depends how the backplanes are wired :D There are two backplanes, one has 3 multilane sas ports, the other has 2 multilane sas ports. In the 36 bay version I would connect the second backplane with a single cable to the third multilane sas port on the first backplane and then route the two...
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    Supermicro 4U Jbod connector

    Testing would require enough storage devices that could saturate a single link. I would just look at the controllers link status & enclosure info: (This is from my Adaptec/Microchip raid controller)
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    Supermicro 4U Jbod connector

    It's often described/explained as "dual link" : two multilane sas ports on the hba/raid controller connect to two multilane sas ports on the backplane increasing the total bandwidth between expander and hba/raid controller.
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    Supermicro 4U Jbod connector

    That's only true for empty hdds when data is written to the outer sectors. That's why all the datasheets say "up to" or "max" xxx MByte/s. The more data is stored, the slower the drive becomes. Example seagate exos 16TByte: empty ~245MByte/s, ~80% full ~100MByte/s, ~95% full <70MByte/s Edit...
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    Cerebras CS-1 Wafer-Scale AI System at SC19

    The CS-1 outperformed #82 of the top500 supercomputer by a factor of 200:eek: Riesenprozessor schlägt Supercomputer (article is in german!)
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    SC846 with consumer motherboard

    I had a X10SDV-2C-TP4F in a 846BE1C-R1K23B without any hdds and it was booting windows without any problems.
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    Formatting to 4096 bytes, does it matter?

    "It depends", 4KByte sectors are more efficient, see Advanced Format - Wikipedia I would not try to format hdds that use 512Bytes NATIVELY, the firmware probably won't recognize the drive after the format. I don't know if broadcom raid controller support ssds with sector sizes over 512 Bytes...
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    Home friendly sfp28/25GBe switch ?

    I remember the posts on sth when ubiquiti had the 10GBE switches in the beta store...
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    Storage array with non vendor disks?

    IX Systems is the company behind truenas(freenas)
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    "Shucked" drives with hardware RAID?

    Hardware raid, adaptec 6805