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    How can I check SSD's TBW in ESXi?

    I have an SSD mounted in an Dell Optiplex Micro running ESXi 6.7.0 with an Ubuntu VM. I just use a single SSD. I'd like to check the TBW of this SSD but the last mention I can find to do this in ESXi was in 2016. A tool on that is no longer supported. I can't check SMART from Ubuntu...
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    Help with adding storage to R720

    Hi, I'd like to add some additional storage to an R720 LFF (8 bay). What is the most economical way to add additional storage. I understand the easiest way is to add a Dell PowerVault but I'd like to try to just add an LSI HBA to the R720 and expand off that's to a JBOD or DAS. I have some...
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    Questions on updating iDRAC firmware safely (R720)

    Good evening all. I picked up an R720 last month with an iDRAC7 active Enterprise license and would like to update the iDRAC firmware. The current firmware version is: 1.57.57 (Build 04), last updated Oct 2 09:17:51 2014 I see the latest version is: iDRAC with Lifecycle Controller v.
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    Supermicro X10 mATX board and Hyper 212 EVO?

    Anyone happen to know if the Supermicro X10 boards in Micro-ATX are compatible with a Hyper 212 EVO cooler? Fit wise. Specifically the X10SRM-TF. I'm aware of the PWM fan issues. I'm just concerned with fit. (I have this cooler already so hopefully it fits) X10SRM-TF | Motherboards |...
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    Will this work to connect my JBODs?

    Hello, this is my first post. Please excuse me if it's not the appropriate forum. I'm putting a couple HDD JBOD enclosures in my DIY cabinet rack. I'm a little confused as of how to best connect the JBOD to the server which will set a few feet away. Here's a pic of the mini server cabinet...