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    SR-IOV on Ampere

    Is there any truth in this ??:
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    Weird Postcode B4 IPMI Issue

    I'm on a X10SRW-F Supermicro MB with latest bios and ipmi. MB hangs at postcode B4 when I insert an ISO through virtual media. However, if I eject the virtual media, it boots fine. Any ideas? Many thanks.
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    X10SRW-F: $60 OBO Was accepted quickly....dang it.
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    Help accessing IPMI

    Here's a screenshot from Wireshark: I think IPMI may be set on ipv6 and I may be having issues as I'm on a ipv4 network. Anyone can confirm and know what would be the work around?
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    [SOLVED] X9SRL-F Ram Wouldn't Post

    I've swapped CPUs and move around ram sticks one by one. This has led me to identify two dimm banks that give either give a B7 error code or it wouldn't post at all, respectfully. I can get temperature readings off those two banks, so I'm thinking they can't be totally dead. Any ideas?
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    M386B8G70DE0-YH93 (64GB DDR3: $85.60 I've been eyeing 64GB DDR3 sticks for a while and this is the best I've ever seen them in quantity.
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    HP T730: $129.40 (shipped)

    The little box that could: HP T730 Thin Client 2.70GHz AMD RX-427BB 32GB SSD 8GB RAM WES 7P64 AMD R7-1024MB 656541798762 | eBay
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    Sr-iov on ESXI 7.0

    Anyone know the cheapest route to a 10gb card that will do sr-iov on ESXI 7.0?
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    WTB: Norco RPC-340 Chassis

    Been looking out for this one for a while and can't find it on stock anywhere. Willing to pay $70+shipping to 33195, provided the condition is good.
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    d1541d4i-2l2t: $389

    The other d-1541 deal is now dead and out of stock, here is another (but not as great): ASRock Rack D1541D4I-2L2T Server Motherboard Mini ITX Intel Xeon D1541 DDR4 ECC DIMM 10 GLAN -
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    WD Refurbished Drives

    I am getting giddy with these prices, 50% off stock and an additional 20% off bulk purchase. Anyone have experience with this seller??? Western Digital 6TB RE Enterprise Hard Drive SATA 128MB WD WD6001FXYZ WD6002FRYZ 718037810393 | eBay WD 6TB SE Datacenter Hard Drive 7200 RPM SATA 128 MB...
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    WD80EFAX: $150

    Limit of 2: WD Red 8TB NAS Hard Disk Drive - 5400 RPM Class SATA 6Gb/s 256MB Cache 3.5 Inch - WD80EFAX -
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    Affected HPE SAS Drives

    Since: Noticed that at least one seller has reduced prices on affected drives so far: HPE 400GB MO0400JFFCF MZILS400HCGR-000H3 822552-001 2.5” SAS SSD | eBay Will this trend continue? Time will...
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    AMD Ryzen 9 3900X: $499 Is it a great deal when it's been north of MSRP for months and now there's a window when it's back to MSRP? :eek:
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    Only two at this price left, open box, with code "OPENBX87FIFTY": Open Box: MELLANOX TECHNOLOGIES, INC. MCX515A-CCAT CONNECTX-5 EN NETWORK INTERFACE CARD, 100GBE SINGLE-PORT QSFP28, PCIE3.0 X16, -
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    $79.75: 960GB Micron 5100 Pro

    Sure, you can get 1.92TB in the m.2 form factor for $140 but still a good deal at 8.3 cents a GB in a 2.5 form factor. These were previously on sale at a lowest of $95. Price of $79.75 ends Saturday. 3 Year warranty with the seller and about 3 DWPD. Micron 1TB SATA 2.5-Inch SSD...
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    An "i9-9900K or Intel Xeon coupled with Nvidia Quadro RTX" in a SFF fanless case with optional 10gbe x 2, nvme etc??? Yes please, but probably not best bang for buck :D: Airtop3 press release
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    SK Hynix 16GB (2x8GB) PC3-12800E - $65 OBO

    SK/Hynix 16GB (2x8GB) 2Rx8 PC3-12800E ECC Workstation Server Memory Modules QTY | eBay
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    Intel S3700 400gb $50 OBO

    Picked up four last month with >100 hrs on each,no errors and no issues updating firmware... seems to be a good deal. Picked up another four :D Intel 2.5" S3700 SSD 400GB SOLID STATE SSD Drive SATA | eBay
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    E5-2697 V2 - $200

    Just picked up one from eBay user Alex_Sari (e5-2695 V2 firesale) OBO $200, which was accepted pretty quickly....kind of upset I didn't go even lower :(. Intel Xeon E5 2697 V2 SR19H 2.7GHz 12Core 30M 130W LGA2011 Processor CPU 6929102011568 | eBay